Warehouse Management Proficiency Through Mobility Technology

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The role of warehousing in e-commerce is undisputed, and mobility technology is integral to enhance warehouse management proficiency in the modern world. According to Ivanti, mobility technology allows warehouse managers to develop better processes and systems for inventory management and maintain high accountability, visibility, and proficiency in operations. Warehouse managers seeking to put the power of this technology to work need to understand a few things about making it serve a cost-saving, management-conducive purpose.

The Problem: Warehouse Managers Overlook the Value of Mobility Technology

Warehouse managers are faced with endless pressures to move more products, reduce labor and carrying costs, increase perfect order metrics, and meet increasing consumer demands. In the modern warehouse, mobility technology is often associated with smart phones, leaving some warehouse managers to overlook its true potential.

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The Solution: Mobility Technology Reduces Equipment Costs and Enables Remote Management

Proficiency improvements derive from three primary benefits, including better, real-time decision making, improved mobile worker productivity, and improved inventory accuracy, reports Maida Napolitano of Logistics Management.

Warehouse managers should take a moment to define mobility technology. As explained by a Cognizant report,  this technology includes handheld scanners, active and passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, Bluetooth technologies, mobile apps on smart phones and tablets, using IoT-enabled sensors on equipment to remote control systems and operations, and much more. The list goes on, and mobility technology can be applied to any system using data and a connection point in the supply chain. As mobility technology grows lighter and continues to increase its processing power, adoption of mobility technology to boost warehouse management proficiency will continue.

The Reward: Warehouse Management Proficiency Increases in Tandem With Use of Mobility Technology

The reward of increased use of mobility technology depends on its application. Some of the most common applications of mobility technology in the warehouse include the following:

  • Voice-picking systems that utilize RFID and automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technology to reduce travel times by pickers, robotics, and put-away teams. By increasing accuracy in this form of inventory management, speed of replenishment and pulling increases, resulting in higher profitability.
  • Less use of manual technology, like label-guns, reduces paper costs. It may not seem like a major improvement, but the average warehouse saves up to $36,000 per year by eliminating the paper used in label-guns by pickers.
  • Wearable technology improves order accuracy. Pickers can immediately verify a product for an order by scanning the SKU via wearable computers. Paired with additional technologies, like health monitors, warehouse managers can also improve safety in the warehouse.
  • Improved security results from greater use of mobility technology for product and equipment. This is comparable to the theft-prevention systems of many retailers. Applied in the warehouse setting, staff members can get through personal belonging checks faster, and warehouse shrink decreases.

Influence Your Operation With Mobility Technology Today

The key benefits of mobility in improving warehouse management proficiency can be applied to every activity in a warehouse, from inbound logistics to last-mile delivery. Warehouse managers can effectively do more with less.

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