Our Cerasis Account Executives' database keeps our team informed of all your shipment details.

You’ll Never Have to Explain Problems More Than Once

Anyone you speak with at Cerasis has the information on all communication so they can work toward a solution proactively.

If You’re Missing a Document, We Can Find It

We store all reports and data for you. If you are missing something you need, we’ll send it to you.


We Understand Your Shipping History and Needs

Our database integrates with the Cerasis Rater, so we know the shipping options you prefer for your business.

The Cerasis Rater is a shipping logistics solution developed in-house based on the needs of our customers. See why 90% of Cerasis customers continue to ship with us.

The Freight Institute

Get the latest freight trends so you’re the first to know how changes will affect your industry.

Ready to have a Cerasis Account Executive on your side?

Learn more by contacting Cerasis today to talk with a Cerasis Account Executive and get closer to problem-free shipping than ever before.

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