Small Package Contract NegotiatioN

With over 3,500 negotiations under our belt, and former careers at the major Small Parcel Carriers, we know what world-class pricing is AND how to get it for you.

Even the most experienced logistics manager typically negotiates 10-30 transportation agreements. The Cerasis team uses a knowledge network of over 3,500 agreements (across all industries) as a benchmark to better understand and analyze the industry’s complex price environment.
We’ll evaluate your current situation – and if you’re not getting the most competitive pricing from your carrier, we’ll teach you how to optimize your agreements and save a significant amount of money.

The Contract Negotiation Process Explained

1 – Get an Accurate Benchmark

Our strategic leadership team works directly with your logistics department to review and understand processes, facilities and resources to identify areas of opportunity for cost-savings and greater efficiency. We collect and review at least one quarter’s worth of shipping billing information to better understand how your company is performing relative to shipping spend.

Once we’ve secured all of the billing information, our analysts take the data and generate comprehensive savings analysis and reports. Unlike other companies, we don’t just simply plug the information into an algorithm to spit out a canned report. Instead, we recognize that every company has a unique set of circumstances – we create recommendations based on a combination of data experience, rates/contracts, comparison benchmarking and strategic sourcing.


2 – Strategic Sourcing and Assessment

Once we’ve analyzed your billing information and shipping data, we’re poised to take a granular approach to your logistics strategy – from optimization of your small parcel contracts, to strategic sourcing of value-added carrier selection (via RFPs) – all the way to implementation, execution and monthly reporting. We match your specific transportation needs with a strategic list of select carriers, asking them to participate in an RFP process. Cerasis generates a comprehensive RFP – we know which key points to highlight or present to suppliers to get the most competitive discounts available. We negotiate directly on your behalf – or guide you through the contract negotiation process so there’s no need for endless, time-consuming rounds of negotiation.


3 – Carrier Selection

After we’ve received the proposals, we review and present them to you and any other stakeholders in the company. We’ll customize your company’s “ideal” freight program, designating primary and secondary carriers by region – aligning preferences based on your service and cost considerations. Cerasis also considers whether or not there are any technology solutions that can be implemented for additional savings and although the final choice is always up to you, Cerasis recommends which carrier to select.


4. Implementation

Cerasis gives you full visibility into your freight program through detailed monthly reports, including a simple payables report that outlines which amounts are due to specific carriers. Cerasis ensures that agreements between your company and the carriers are executed in a timely manner and guides your company through any carrier or technology implementations. We audit all freight invoices in order to make sure you’re being billed correctly, so you can take corrective action if you’re not. Cerasis also reviews your freight program monthly so you always know where you stand and to identify any new opportunities for additional cost savings.


There are no upfront fees to have Cerasis analyze your current situation – and with our model, you only pay Cerasis if you save money.

We lead you through a proven process (from Discovery through Carrier Negotiation to Implementation) that takes approximately 8-10 weeks. Based on your agreement, we enter into a 156-week strategic partnership agreement – where we ensure your small parcel agreement is optimized at all times and you’re getting the most competitive rates.

As the client, you agree to compensate Cerasis for a percentage of the additional incremental savings (monthly basis) during the 156-week carrier agreements. You only pay Cerasis a percentage of ACTUAL incremental savings (above and beyond the current agreed-upon incentive levels) AFTER the savings are realized and confirmed.

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