Parcel Management

Gain greater control of your shipping decisions with Cerasis Rater for Parcel Management.

Manage All of Your Shipments in One Place

Use the same portal to schedule your smallest packages and Full Truckload shipments.


Compare Multiple Carriers

Choose from UPS, FedEx, USPS and other regional carriers based on price and transit time.

Gain a Parcel Management Advocate

Experience the same benefits with parcel shipments like freight claims and freight accounting.

transportation reports from cerasis

Parcel Capabilities in our TMS

  • Compare parcel and LTL prices
  • Apply your standard shipping and handling costs
  • Track shipments
  • Generate reports


The Guide to Reduce Parcel Shipping Costs Through Effective Transportation Management Practices

The Freight Institute

Get the latest freight trends so you’re the first to know how changes will affect your industry.

Ready to schedule over-the-road shipments in one place?

Learn more by contacting Cerasis today to talk with a Cerasis Account Executive and get closer to problem-free shipping than ever before.

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