Less Than Truckload Management

Gain control of your LTL shipments, so your products arrive on time and budget.
less than truckload freight

Choose the Right Carrier

In minutes, compare freight rate, transit time, and limit of liability, so you are confident in your carrier.

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Maximize Your Cost Savings

Gain a shipping advocate who cares about your bottom line and helps ensure you’re not overspending.

ltl freight management

Real-time Shipping Information

Stay informed throughout the process from scheduling to successful delivery.

less than truckload

With our TMS, the Cerasis Rater, you’ll make informed shipping decisions in minutes.

  • Take advantage of dropship or zone skipping savings.
    We’ll help you manage all of the details, so you benefit from shipping to or from multiple locations.
  • Save common selections for future shipments.
    Store products, addresses, and your specific carrier lane rates for easy and accurate scheduling.
  • Ensure exact departure time with Auto Pick-up.
    The Cerasis Rater can automatically notify carriers of your selection, so you’re not managing communication.

Customer Success Story


Signature Automotive went from an 11% expensive to a 7% profit in outbound freight by using the Cerasis Rater for their LTL shipments in only nine months! Click here to see the full case study and why their results are not common for Cerasis Shippers!


The Less-Than-Truckload Guide: From the Basics to Best Practices for Complete Mastery

Are you an LTL Shipper? If so, this comprehensive e-book is a guide for shippers to master the LTL Shipping Mode. As you know, LTL shipping is much like a puzzle.

There are a lot of pieces to get a shipment out the door or in the door flawlessly. From finding a carrier, locking in a rate, understanding class, understanding accounting options, and of course possible errors. Learn all the best practices in this ebook.

The Freight Institute

Get the latest freight trends so you’re the first to know how changes will affect your industry.

Ready to get control of your LTL freight?

Learn more by contacting Cerasis today to talk with a Cerasis Account Executive and get closer to problem-free shipping than ever before.

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