Transportation Management Case Study: Medical Supply Company Decreases Freight Claims Percentage, Improves Visibility, & Reduces Costs

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In a first of several case studies to come out from Cerasis regarding how our solutions aid shippers in managing transportation more effectively thru our transportation technology and managed services, learn how a Medical Supply Company switched providers and increased overall results.

A Brief Synopsis of Transportation Management Success

Following a period of working with multiple logistics providers and continued lacking visibility, RehabMart partnered with Cerasis to achieve faster freight claims management, effective decision making capability and complete transparency and visibility. Armed with the easy-to-use Cerasis Rater, RehabMart developed a winning freight strategy, streamlining shipping, visibility, access and claims in one swoop.

We finally have access to data on the Cerasis dashboard that we didn’t even realize we could see. If the CEO wants to know something right now, I can login and get the information without hassle.
Kelly Kesler
Operations Manager

RehabMart’s experience is a testament to the value of an effective logistics partnership, and the company continues to recommend Cerasis to other businesses.

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In January 2020, Cerasis was acquired by GlobalTranz, a leading technology and multimodal 3PL solutions provider. To learn more, please read the press release. If you are a current or prospective Cerasis customer, we invite you to reach out to us to learn how our combined capabilities can deliver new services, solutions and enhanced value to your supply chain. To learn more about GlobalTranz, please visit

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