The Top 9 Freight Blogs of 2018

Today, we continue our series highlighting our top blog posts of the year! We always enjoy the end of the year as it allows us to see what our readers really love. That then allows us to create more of that kind of content for our award-winning blog 

This year we will feature the top blog posts by page views in the following categories:

Today’s post will cover the top 9 freight blogs from 2018. I encourage you to click any of the links above to see amazing content or visit the Cerasis blog in general so you can catch some great content. We try and post one blog post per day in these categories, but we also have sub-categories as well. You can view all of our categories by using the drop-down menu on the right side of this blog post about halfway down. There is some really great stuff not only by the Cerasis staff, but also a number of guest bloggers.

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The Top 9 Freight Blogs from 2018

The freight blogs category most top viewed blog posts from 2018 included several elements of freight. From trends, union strikes, and technology to the integration of different modes of transportation.

Without further ado, here are the 9 top  freight blogs from this year by page views, with the most listed first.

6 Future Transportation Technologies That Will Change Transportation (and the Trucking Industry) Forever

The trucking & transportation industries are on the cusp of transformative change. These 6 transportation technologies are set to change both industries forever.

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5 Top Transportation Management Trends to Expect in 2018

Is your organization ready for the forthcoming changes in transportation management? Find out more about 2018’s top transportation management trends now.

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Teamsters and UPS Freight Union Members Move to Strike, UPS Freight to Shut Down in the Interim

The current UPS Freight contract will expire on 11-12, and a strike seems imminent. Find out why and what the shutdown of UPS Freight means to you today.

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A Crash Course on Navigating Trends in Trucking and Freight for 2018

The freight and trucking industry will see continued pressure to meet rising demand and face increasing rates in 2018. Learn about these trends in trucking and freight for 2018.

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How Self-Driving Vehicles will Shape the Future of Transportation

With the threat of a capacity crunch looming in the future of transportation for 2018, shippers are looking for a savior to fulfill their increase of orders. Are self-driving cars that savior? Read more here.

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What Is Full Truckload Shipping & How It Differs From Other Over-The-Road Modes?

Did you know full truckload shipping offers many benefits that make it stand apart from other transportation modes and benefit shippers? Learn more now.

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What to Expect in Less Than Truckload Shipping Rates in 2019

The LTL freight rate outlook is much higher than rates for full truckload with rates expected to surge ahead at least five percent. Learn more today.

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Shipping Network Strategy

One area that offers the greatest opportunity is shipping network optimization. The question is, how can a company optimize its shipping network strategy?

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When Does It Make Sense to Go From Full Truckload to LTL and Vice Versa?

Are you having trouble knowing when to ship freight via LTL vs. full truckload? Learn how to make the right decisions, the first time, & without the stress

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