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On today’s The Freight Project Podcast episode Cerasis welcomes Jason Rosing, co-founder of Veridian the leading professional services provider of supply chain solutions & services. Veridian helps clients deploy Manhattan Associates, HighJump Software, and JDA Software’s latest supply chain suite to talk about the current state of warehouse management systems.

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What it the Current State of Warehouse Management Systems & Their Role in an Effective Supply Chain?

In this episode you’ll get to learn about Jason’s two decades of experience in guiding supply chain executives to select, implement, and maintain Tier 1 warehouse management systems making him the perfect guest to give listeners insights on the state of WMS and their role in creating a more effective supply chain. 

In this “The Freight Project Podcast” episode you’ll hear:

  • The most common problems supply chain executives are looking to solve using a modern WMS.
  • How a modern WMS aids retailers in responding to peak shopping season & then effectively handle returns during peak return season.
  • What the drivers behind a company’s decision are to move from a home-grown WMS to a system that is developed by a third party. 
  • How the C-suite is getting more involved in supply chain decisions as companies seek to achieve the goal of improved customer experience.

We hope you enjoy this episode about the state of warehouse management systems from The Freight project podcast!

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