This is another post from Harry Moser and The Reshoring Initiative. Reshoring is an ongoing and important movement currently happening in North America. For a full explanation about reshoring manufacturing make sure you check out Mr. Moser’s first post where he explains what it is and who are the reshoring companies in North America.

The following post first appeared in Business Climate on October 7th and is re-purposed here with permission. If you would like to know more about The Reshoring Initiative and what they are trying to achieve, please visit them at

Reshoring Companies: It’s Not Just About the OEMs

Harry Moser is best perhaps the best-known voice in the reshoring movement, the return of manufacturing from overseas markets. Moser, the founder and president of the Reshoring Initiative, shared reshoring insights and strategies with economic development professionals at the 2013 IEDC conference. Quick hits from the Godfather of Reshoring:

“We need to get rid of the trades and vocational image and call them professions. In Germany and Switzerland, it is the tool and die profession,” Moser says. “We need to show case studies of how manufacturing is coming back. It is not a dead end and not a hopeless case. Right now half the lawyers graduating can’t find jobs – the toolmakers can.”

Reshoring Companies Video: The Effects of Outsourcing and How We can ALL Help Reverse Job Loss

Speaking of Reshoring companies from overseas back to North America, we were shared a great video from Sandy Mantalabo, who works at The Reshoring Initiative. The video really highlights the full impact that outsouricng had on our country and how each and every one of us can do something very simple to reverse this trend and increase both jobs and get companies to consider reshoring. View below and don’t forget to SHARE the video!


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