Outsourcing Logistics Philosophy

From the beginning of any relationship, outsourcing logistics to a provider should always start with a customer-centric and a solutions standpoint. Unfortunately, the mention of freight logistics and third party logistics at times conjures up negative connotations. An outsourced logistics provider should have the philosophy of continually looking for ways to add value, offer solutions, and always advocate for the customer; otherwise how could the relationship work in the long term and thus continue to increase the ROI of the establishment of the business relationship? Every business decision made on your behalf by the outsourced logistics provider should also focus on decreasing risk and foster long-term sustainability. Additionally, shortcuts are not the answer, but typically, the quickest way to future lost revenue. If it’s not a long-term solution in which all parties involved benefit long-term, don’t do it. This philosophy allows you the customer and the logistics service provider to build a reputation as a company who is committed not only to you, and by the transitive property, your customers, but shows the logistics providers commitment to increasing the positive reputation of the industry. This philosophy then permeates to every part of theirs and your business, and thus, a core value of continuous improvement to diminish inefficiencies, make smarter business decisions, have a long term relationship, and feel good about your decision to outsource your logistics to a provider.

6 Tenets Based in Customer Service & Solutions for the Key To Success in an Outsourced Business Relationship

If you are not currently outsourcing logistics, the above tenets would still hold true in your logistics department. Typically, hiring an outsourced logistics provider, if they hold true the above tenets as well, will yield the ROI you expect. What tenets would you add are important for keys to success in a logistics department or in an outsourced relationship? Let us know in the comments below!

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