Editor’s Note: Why is Cerasis, a third party logistics company who makes freight and transportation management more effective through technology and managed transportation services talking about Content marketing? Well, we are not, but a marketing company who caters to the B2B sector and manufacturer does! But, in all seriousness, effective segments of your business, such as logistics and marketing, that are not your core are hard to sometimes master for most manufacturing companies or those in the industrial space. This post, like many of our posts that help shippers and manufacturers remain efficient through tips and best practices, will show you the importance of focusing on using content marketing as an arrow in your quivver to grow, scale, and sustain your business. 

Breaking Bad, Manufacturing and Content Marketing have a lot in common. Seriously

Breaking Bad is widely regarded as one of the greatest television series of all time. So what exactly does a TV show about a meth cooking, high school chemistry teacher have to do with businesses in the manufacturing industry and content marketing?


manufacturing content marketing waltIn the beginning of the AMC series Breaking Bad (BB), Walter White (Walt) and Jesse Pinkman (JP) manufactured their superior methamphetamine in JP’s old, beat-up RV. This was their “factory,” if you use that term lightly. It worked temporarily, but it was neither clean nor scalable. Walt, being the smart guy he was (RIP Heisenberg), always knew that if he wanted a mature and scalable business model, he needed to improve his technology. Here’s where manufacturing companies come in.

The Problem

There are many threats in the manufacturing industry. To name a few: 3-D printing is on the rise, competition is increasing, and industry regulations seem to be getting tougher. Any savvy business is aware that it needs to keep up to date with the latest technologies in its industry if it wants to stay relevant and competitive. The same thing applies to marketing. Content marketing is the latest and greatest “technology” when it comes to lead generation and branding. With a few exceptions, most manufacturing companies are still in the “RV Lab” days of marketing. Most don’t even know what content marketing means (click this link for a great content marketing report from Cerasis).

Manufacturers are having trouble getting their names out there because they’re limiting their marketing investments. This is one of the primary reasons why their lead pipeline is trickling and they’re struggling to gain new business.

The Solution = Content Marketing

manufacturing content marketing labWalt and JP upgraded from the RV, maybe it’s time your company upgraded their marketing strategy.

Content marketing will help increase awareness of your brand, get more leads for your sales team and even attract fresh talent, especially millennials who live on their mobile phones and the Internet. Best of all, not many of your competitors are doing it, so the playing field is wide open and full of untapped resources.

Content marketing is not rocket science but it’s not kindergarten either. However, if you have a strategy and a system, then you will quickly see results.

Here’s a 5-step system to get you started:

  1. First Step: Start simple with the “3-legged stool” of blogging, social media and email marketing
  2. manufacturing content marketing mike tysonSecond Step: Consistently deliver valuable content to your target market.
  3. Third Step: Be prepared to follow up with massive amounts of leads.
  4. Fourth Step: Take it to the next level with Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click programs. (More on that in a future article)
  5. Fifth Step: The fifth step really should be the first – TAKE ACTION! If you don’t start NOW, you will be left in the dust and face some serious problems. Shout out to Blockbuster.

If you’re one of those people who know you need to do this, but it sounds like it would take too much time to do it yourself, or if your company doesn’t have the internal assets needed to make it happen yet, you still have 2 options (in no particular order).

I hope this article was helpful and provided actionable information. If not, well, at least you saw me weave Breaking Bad, content marketing, manufacturing and Mike Tyson together. You’re welcome J

To Your Continued Success,

Hendrik de Vries

Mingle Media Marketing

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