Manufacturing: The backbone of July 4th Weekend

As many of us begin the yearly tradition of packing into a car for a road trip to celebrate Independence Day this July 4th weekend, or as countless people flock to their local supermarkets to stock up on hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, drinks, ice, and decoration, and as fireworks stands pop up out on our nation’s highways servicing thousands, I am reminded of one thing this holiday: Manufacturing. On the road we see freight motor carriers filled with various manufacturers products. You see, in order to pull off a festive and memory filled July 4th topped off by the “Oohs and Aahs” of a fireworks show, all that stuff must be made by a manufacturer. Manufacturing is July 4th, and the backbone of the US Economy.

Importance of Manufacturing in an Economy

importance-of-manufacturingThe importance of manufacturing in our country is often not considered by many as they sit down at the picnic table to their second cousin, enjoying Grandma’s famous potato salad. 30 years ago, many Americans did KNOW this fact, and it was instilled in their children. Today, as we move into a more service driven economy, it’s almost at times that manufacturing is seen as a forgotten art. So how can we bring more awareness to Manufacturing for all? How can we in the industry help? Well, in short, we must continue to educate ourselves every day using the countless resources available today, but we also must first understand WHY manufacturing is so important. In this way, we can bring solidarity to the movement in America already gaining steam of putting a better public relations image that Manufacturing is HOT, it’s COOL, but more importantly, it’s not your Grandmother’s factory, but a modern, high-tech environment with high paying careers.

Solidarity and Education in Manufacturing

In the spirit of solidarity, we would like to conduct a survey asking you to put in your own words why manufacturing is important to you and any economy. We will cover and feature the survey in a future blog post. This will allow us to then find commonalities and and understanding of the issues facing manufacturing today.

Next to the poll, please use the listed online resources to stay abreast of the manufacturing industry. I read these articles every day from these great blogs or news resources so I may always be remindedvof the importance of Manufacturing in our country. I feel with educating myself, I can have intelligent discussions and impart this knowledge on both my family and my employees. I hope you find them helpful.


Take the “Why is Manufacturing Important to Me and the Economy Survey Below”


Great Manufacturing Resources


From everyone at Cerasis, we hope all of you remember the importance of Manufacturing in all of our lives this Independence Day! Happy July 4th! Feel free to leave any comments below on your further thoughts of Manufacturing.

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