In the first post in the Cold Supply Chain series, I discussed cold chain logistics requirements for temperature, sanitization, and traceability of frozen food at all stages of the cold supply chain. There are many factors in the cold supply chain and in cold chain logistics one must know in order to meet the requirements of your customers, but more importantly of the FDA’s Food and Safety Modernization act.  When working in-house with supply chain colleagues and those in the logistics department, make sure they are aware of the following information, as these are great considerations to understand when working through cold chain logistics.

Quality Specifications in Cold Chain Logistics

Frozen Food Export Documentation Required

In Cold Chain Logistics, you will undoubtedly work with a forwarder to ship your frozen food. The following describes a relationship with a forwarder and their role, as well as a customs broker, and some key definitions and elements in the cold chain logistics process of exporting frozen food:

Definitions & Elements in Export Process of Cold Chain Logistics

In tomorrow’s third and final post on the Cold Supply Chain and Cold Chain Logistics, I will cover the liability considerations as well as label and markings considerations when shipping frozen food.

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