Bluetooth technologies seem to predate the use of the Internet of things (IoT) in society. We can all remember when the first flip phones could send short media files to friends for use as ringtones. However, Bluetooth technologies are creating a subset of the IoT, expanding its benefits and use among shipping and logistics providers. Before deciding to forgo the use Bluetooth-enabled technologies, logistics providers need to think about the driving forces behind them and how they will further benefit the industry.

Driving Forces Behind the Increased Use of Bluetooth Technologies

In reality, there are millions of reasons to use Bluetooth-enabled technologies within the shipping and logistics industry. However, most of these reasons can be broken down into the following categories:

Benefits of Using Bluetooth Technologies

Bluetooth technologies benefit the logistics industry in four categorical ways, which include the following:

Bluetooth Mobile Barcode Scanner MS50 scan tracking No. bar code on logistics from sumlungsherry on Vimeo.

Bluetooth technologies are not a technology of the past. These technologies will continue to transform and improve the shipping and logistics industry. If you have not previously considered the use of Bluetooth technologies to benefit your organization, think about why the use is increasing and how much capital it could save.

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