4 Factors to Consider in your Evaluation of 3PL Companies

In this article from Logistics Viewpoints, Adrian Gonzalez, a Logistics Thought Leader, gives his 4 Important Factors for Evaluating 3PL Companies. Although Cerasis is somewhat defined as a 3PL, we also refer to ourselves as a freight logistics service provider who offers 3PL services, technology, and integrated freight management services. Regardless, the following criteria are great factors to consider in your evaluation of potential 3PL companies:

1. Alignment of Continuous Improvement Cultures. Three of our CORE logistics philosophies line up well with this factor:

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2. Modern IT Platform with a Focus on Innovation:

3pl companies3. Invest in Talent Development and Retention

4. Provide Business Intelligence and Insights

Our opinion is that you SHOULD choose 3PL companies or logistics service providers that match solutions with current needs and who is also proactive in building long lasting relationships that see no diminishing value return over time. What factors would you include that we missed?

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