12 Creative Ways to Reuse Shipping Containers

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Editor’s Note: This is a blog from our friends at market-inspector.co.uk. They are a unique service where you can compare quotes and offers from a range of different suppliers for your office. We, at Cerasis, thought this would be a fantastic time to talk about something important to all of us in the freight world: Shipping containers. More specifically, how to recycle and reuse them. 

Shipping containers are increasingly being re-purposed to build many different structures around the globe. Sending empty shipping containers back to their ports of origin is costly when compared to the cost of the container itself, meaning many shipyards are filled with homeless containers.

Two types of containers are available for purchase. The first being worn-out containers that have been retired by shipping companies. These are the most affordable option. The second type of containers available are one trip containers that were only used for a single journey. These containers are often in excellent condition and are the more expensive option.

Where to buy your container? Shipping containers can be purchased from warehouses, port terminals, or even eBay and Craigslist! An important note! Before going ahead with your project, ensure there are no container building restrictions in your area.

Shipping containers are increasingly being used to build a large variety of structures around the globe. The recycling of cargo containers is the perfect way to reuse materials while building beautiful and unique structures.

Shipping container construction is the ideal way to give all the lonely containers at port terminals another chance!

Check Out These Awesome Shipping Container Construction Projects Below:

12 Creative Ways to Reuse Shipping Containers
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