[WEBINAR REPLAY] The State of Autonomous Self Driving Freight Trucks

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Fill out the Form Below to Request a Replay of the Webinar

Cerasis invites you to download a replay of the “The State of Autonomous Self Driving Freight Trucks” Webinar we held with TuSimple on December 4th, 2019 a 3 PM CST.

Fill out the form to left to get a copy of the webinar replay.

What You’ll Learn in the Self Driving Freight Trucks Webinar

Whether you missed the webinar [hey we all get busy] or just want to rewatch it to make sure you didn’t miss a word of it that will help your business navigate trends in the freight industry, such as self-driving trucks better, please enjoy this replay that you can watch on your schedule.

Some of the important topics covered:

  • What is the state of Self Driving Freight Trucks?
  • What are the challenges in adoption?
  • How are Self Driving Freight Trucks different than self-driving cars and electric vehicles?
  • What does the Self Driving Freight Truck market look like today?
  • What will the future of freight look like with the mass adoption of Self Driving Freight Trucks?
  • What will be the impact of Self Driving Freight Trucks on the truck driver community?
  • How will Self Driving Freight Trucks impact freight operations?
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