[INFOGRAPHIC] How Quality Processes & Process Improvement Can Help Manufacturing

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At Cerasis, one of our core values is process improvement so that we may always provide continuous improvement to make our employees, partners, and quite importantly, our shippers, more efficiency. It is proven that efficient process impacts the bottom line significantly and that no matter how great your management oversight is or product, if you can’t execute business processes effectively, you may not stay profitable long term.

This idea is quite congruent with the idea of Lean Manufacturing, which simply means you do all you can to root out inefficient process so that a manufacturing facility can focus on the core of what they produce and remain a well oiled machine.

Everyone knows what ISO Certification is, or at least understands what it means in concept. However, while ISO Certifications garner a lot of attention, the real work of improving quality in manufacturing comes in the adoption of quality processes such as Six Sigma and APQP.

We came across a fantastic infographic that speaks to quality processes and how it can aid in growing manufacturing. As we stated in our “Why Logistics Efficiency is Now Important More than Ever for Manufacturers” blog post last week, as manufacturing grows and we see a US Manufacturing transformation (which starts with value creation), eliminating inefficient process and adopting quality processes will allow the growth of manufacturing to sustain.

That infographic was made by a manufacturing company called Midlake Products, where quality is more than just their slogan….it’s a way of life. That’s why they’ve created their very first infographic which outlines how other manufacturers can grow their business by adopting quality processes such as those they’ve adopted internally at Midlake.

How Quality Processes Can Help Manufacturing Grow and Sustain

quality processes in manufacturing

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