Manufacturing Advice for Business Motivation from LinkedIn Part 3

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business-adviceIf you’ve been following the Cerasis blog, you are well aware by now that I am trying to motivate my team with great business advice in order to stay focused on our 10 year growth goals. Leadership, in my opinion, is less the specific things the leader does, but what the leader gives, teaches, and instills in their people to do the best job possible, in the right lane, and with great attitude. So, naturally, in a connected world, I thought, why not ask the various manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, transportation, and freight groups I am a part of in LinkedIn? When I did ask, “What is the Best Business Advice You’ve Ever Received,” in those groups, I was overwhelmed by the more than 400 (and counting) responses I received. In fact, I sort of took the idea from Karin Linder’s process of writing her book “How Can We Make Manufacturing Sexy? A Mindset of Passion and Purpose from the Production Floor to the Executive Suite”, of which you can by the Kindle Version here.  If you would like to read any of the previous business advice posts or anything on Leadership, you can do so by viewing the full category.

So, without further ado, I give you this week’s 20 Best Business Advice Ever Received from those in the LinkedIn Groups I have published in. I like to include a link to the person’s profile, business website, and Twitter if applicable. If you have advice you’d like to give, please let me know in the comments below!


Early in my media sales career, a publisher gave me two books to read. The theme of both books was ‘do what is best for your customer and success will follow.’ I have followed that mantra for two decades and it has served me and my customers well.

Barry Barlow, Sales and Marketing Manager at Mainstream Integration, @Adguy64


Being a good listener is of more value than being a good speaker.

Bob McClymont, Value stream facilitator at S&C Electric Company


Always keep the MAIN thing, THE Main thing.

Keith Hart Plog, Managing Partner. Tradelink-Logistics & International Trade Support Services


Lead by example, don’t be afraid to ask for help, admit when you’re wrong, help your coworker / team member even if it’s “not your job”. There is nothing that is not your job if a coworker / team member needs help, If your getting paid, you are a professional, act like it.

Richard Sowden, Sr. Managing Director, Container Security Logistics, Ltd


“You’re not the smartest person you know in everything that you do” – meaning you have to know your limitations and surround yourself with people you trust to do the things you can’t. Too many people try and do too much by themselves and do not realize they may not be the best person for a particular task. Find the best person for a particular job or position and focus on what you are best at.

Chad Morin, Sales at Gould Solenoid Valves


“I would rather calm down a lion than build up a lamb”

Doreen Hyde, Owner at RedBucket Recruiting


In 1979 coming into the industry, I was told that if you have a dilemma or opportunity just be honest and open to the situation with everyone involved, and you can get past it promptly and be able to move on.

Jeff Ziegler, Sales and Marketing at Nebraska Warehouse / Cannonball Express


For me it is ” In times of change learners will inherit the earth . . .while those who refuse to continually learn inherit a world that no longer exits. I apply the doctrine behind this statement in everything I do. I have made learning a life long pursuit. I love learning and staying abreast of the pack. I am attending ISM’s 98th Annual Supply Management Conference in Dallas next week. I attend this conference every year and have not found another conference that provides me with the learning opportunities, growth and networking opportunities that are availble at the ISM conference. This conference truly helps me stay ahead in my professional–Supply Management.

Dr. Sandra Tanner, Purchasing Manager at Hunton & Williams LLP


#1 – Make your superior look good in front his boss, & he will look after you…
#2 – Give credit, when it’s due – apologise when req’d, but never compromise on ethics.

Adrian Chen, Advisory Board Member (Asia Pacific) at ISCEA –International Supply Chain Education Alliance


People are your greatest asset.

Shelley Cameron, Equipment Coordinator at Condon Johnson & Associates


Here are over 400+ comments on the same sentiment, as found through LinkedIn as well

Peter Dawson,  Consultant at Dawson Consultants


Expect trials and tribulations and learn from your mistakes. Keep your eyes on the prize; know what your goals are. What are the reasons for getting up each morning?

Michael Aspiotes, National GPS Consultant at FleetMatics USA


Never stop asking, “Why?”

Rogelio Garza, Freigh Forwarder Executive EP America, Inc., @RogGarEP


Do not burn any bridges.

Jo Ann Howeth, B2B Marketing Outside Sales at Marketing Net Wk


Treat people how you want be to treated, do what you say you are gonna to do !!

Chris Groot, Parts VP at HJV Equipment


Think twice before you sign something

Sead Dodovic, Plant Manager at Advance Pierre Foods


Earl Nightingale said, “don’t stand in front of a cold fireplace and say give me heat. First, pile in the logs and pile them high. Then, you’ll get all the heat you need.” Naturally, he was referring to the need to step up the the role you want first and then expect to be recognized for it after you’ve proven yourself. My career has been built on that idea and it always amazes me how many people stay in their job, doing their routine while waiting for someone to sweep in and offer them an opportunity to do more. The opportunities are always there.

Another thing Earl said is “luck is when opportunity meets preparedness and opportunities are happening all the time.”

Tom Bellinson, Principal at IT Methods and President at UnaPage


“Shut up and listen…Don’t look – See…Never assume…Work harder than anyone else.” My mentor during a celebration of my first “wildly successful” 6 month turn-around assignment as lead.

Paul Price, Senior Manager Manufacturing Consultant


Never be afraid to ask for more.

Steven Cottrell, National Account Manager at SafetyKleen


The best advice I ever received was not as lofty as some of the comments I read. I worked for an old school butcher early in my career and there two things that he always told me that always held true. “Provide a good product at a good price and respect your customers. Do this and you will not have to worry about chasing sales they will come to you.” and ” IF you do what is right all the time you will never have to explain why you did wrong.” Seems simple but so many people try to outsmart business they lose sight of the easy stuff.

Mark Brault, Customer Service Delivery at Schwans


As always, these inspiring words are a fantastic way to get your mind in the right attitude, and ready to do business. My favorite part of the week is emailing my team these blog posts! Thanks to all who contributed! Please, if you have comments, leave them in the comments section below!

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