100 B2B Sales and Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

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Editor’s Note: At Cerasis, our goal is to make those in the manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and industrial spaces more efficient in a very important (and often costly) area of business: Logistics and transportation management. Another important (and ever more increasingly so) business area those in the B2B space must also focus on to stay competitive is effective marketing. Our friends over at SalesStaff, a B2B Lead Appointment Setting Company, have made a fantastic white paper that is downloadable around 100 B2B Sales and Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind. As any business knows, you must get your name out there to generate buzz and most important create new leads to close new business. Marketing helps increase the sales of a business, which in turn, for a shipper, increases shipments. In that spirit, we want to be a conduit to not only best practices and tips around logistics and transportation, but also to other aspects of business which can bring value to our customers, our prospective customers, and the manufacturing and distribution industry as a whole. We hope you enjoy. 

b2b sales and marketing stats

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in sales or marketing, these 100 sales statistics will change the way you sell and the way you approach prospects. Learn a few little-known facts about top sales and marketing performers and become more effective and efficient in your sales and marketing processes.

B2B Sales and Marketing Stats Details

b2b sales and marketing stats previewIncluded are staggering stats on:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Lead Generation
  • General Sales Process

The SalesStaff family of companies is proud to be a member of the B2B sales and marketing community and we’re excited to be able to offer the Cerasis audience a truly impactful set of industry statistics.

Here’s a little snippet of what you’ll find when you download 100 B2B Sales and Marketing Stats that Will Blow Your Mind.

In January 2020, Cerasis was acquired by GlobalTranz, a leading technology and multimodal 3PL solutions provider. To learn more, please read the press release. If you are a current or prospective Cerasis customer, we invite you to reach out to us to learn how our combined capabilities can deliver new services, solutions and enhanced value to your supply chain. To learn more about GlobalTranz, please visit www.globaltranz.com.

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