The Cerasis Difference

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Your Over-the-Road Shipping Advocate

Transportation Management can be overly complicated without the right technology and people working on your behalf. We work to make shipping the easiest part of your day finding trusted carriers at affordable prices.

The Cerasis Shipper Guarantee

  • We will always give you 100% transparency with pricing.
  • We will always communicate with you in a timely manner through Your Shipper Account Team.
  • You will always maintain control of your carrier relationships.
  • We will always advocate for freight terms in your best interest.
  • We will always scale with you as you grow, no matter how many users and locations you may have.
  • We will never outsource our TMS, so we are not beholden to the whims or idiosyncrasies of other TMS providers.
  • We will always check and personally review freight invoices for accuracy.
  • We will be available to help you 24/7/365
  • We will handle all your freight claims process, beginning to end.

Choose a third-party logistics company that:

Develops Proprietary Technology

Our transportation management system is designed based on your needs, allowing you the freedom to focus on other areas of growth for your company.

Manages Services

Technology is just the beginning; we’re here when you experience any issues from routing to claims.

Holds a Bonded & TIA Performance Certification

For your security, we carry a $250,000 freight surety bond and is TIA Performance Certified.

Nurtures Long-term Relationships

90% of customers that began using Cerasis still ship with us today. We work hard to meet your needs long-term.

Holds a Technology Team

Our in-house technology team is listening to your growing needs and developing innovative solutions to make your shipping seamless.

Establishes a Vision for the Future

From our foundation, we committed to offering a better way to control your shipments, and the CerasisRater has proven to be the solution companies are looking for.

Grows With Your Company

As your company grows, our services will continue to meet your shipping needs.

Ready to get started?

Learn more by contacting Cerasis today to talk with a Cerasis Account Executive and get closer to problem-free shipping than ever before.

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