Cerasis Testimonials

Our customers choose Cerasis because of our ability to automate transportation business processes, provide transportation accounting for multiple locations, and transportation metrics insights around all transportation activity.

Roura Material Handling Hires Cerasis for Better Cashflow

Prior to working with Cerasis, we handled our logistics internally, which proved to be extremely time consuming. Now I can log onto one site and see all the freight rates at once instead of having to visit numerous sites.

Another advantage is that I immediately know the freight cost, so I can bill my clients right away without waiting two weeks for an invoice to arrive.
Diane Mitchell
Business Development

Plastiflex Group Increases Customer Service, Implementing Freight Logistics

Due to the unique nature of our product, our shipping costs were substantial, so we turned to Cerasis to find a cost-reduction solution. Their customized web tools have not only resulted in cost savings but they have also substantially cut the amount of work we have to do internally.

It almost immediately cut our customers service calls in half because our customers were automatically sent an email, letting them know when the freight shipped, what was on the truck, and when it was scheduled to arrive.

Besides reducing overall freight costs, working with Cerasis has delivered other benefits. Now we only get one freight bill, and the Cerasis system handles full accounting, invoice auditing and negotiation with freight companies. The web tools are great, and that mean a lot less administration for us.
Stephen Dunn
Global Purchasing Manager

Signature Automotive Products, LLC, Lauds Cerasis Value-Added Services

We have been delighted with the improved economics and the high level of service we receive from Cerasis. The online freight quotes and the clear, comprehensive billing system are especially useful and have cut our freight costs substantially. This allows us to invoice our customers quickly and accurately. Cerasis has delivered more than promised – few experiences in business can claim that.
David P. Gienapp
President and COO
In the three years since we sign up with CERASIS, we have had many experiences with matter of what could go wrong with Freight Shipments. From reconsignments, loss shipment, damaged shipment etc. 99% of the time we have had positive resolutions to these problems. Furthermore, their rates are unbeatable! The combination of Service and Competitive Pricing will keep CERASIS as a front runner among all the Freight Brokers out there. We, for one, intend to have CERASIS as our main Freight Broker for many years to come!
Charles F. Liu
Director of Operations, Bargains "R" Ours Food Service Equipment

Finish Master Leverages Cerasis Integration for Overall Cost Savings

We got hooked on Cerasis’ integration of technology. They connected their system to ours, offering a seamless solution for our distribution centers and stores, which has resulted in managing overall costs. In addition, Cerasis continues to be innovative and stay abreast of all the latest lading and DOT requirements. It’s like having our own expert on staff.
Travis Trott
VP of Supply Chain & Logistics

Cerasis For Roll Offs USA Means Customer Satisfaction

Working with Cerasis has given Roll Offs USA the ability to easily choose the best freight carrier for each shipment. Using their service simplifies shipping, and allows us to see all aspects from freight cost to delivery time frame at a glance. Cerasis has saved Roll Offs USA time, money, and helps us provide quicker service to our customers.
Joe Claborn
Roll Offs
Cerasis is an integral part of our logistics process and we're honored to use them as our exclusive shipping partner.
Sheila Butler
Owner, Handley Drive
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