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LTL E-Commerce Solutions


In an exclusive partnership with Magento “Platinum Industry Partner”, WebShopApps, Cerasis now offers anyone needing e Commerce freight shipping solutions the availability of the first end-to-end LTL Freight Shipping Extension for Magento shopping cart owners ever created

Never before have e Commerce freight solutions, such as the one provided through this partnership with WebShopApps, been available to those looking to sell larger items, which require Less-Than-Truckload shipping, through an e Commerce shopping cart with such ease of use for the end consumer. Now shopping cart webmasters have full access to the Cerasis suite of products and services to include reporting and analysis of freight shipments, ability to see open invoices, and access to a dedicated customer service representative and the Cerasis freight claims management services.


What Functions are Available With the LTL Magento E-Commerce Freight Shipping Extension?

Don’t Have a Magento e-Commerce Site or Not Sure How To Use the Magento LTL E-Commerce Freight Shipping Extension via WebShopApps?

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