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Cerasis Rater – TMS


Today, Cerasis, Inc. is a dominant third party logistics company and freight technology service provider through our transportation management system, the Cerasis Rater. We have over 3,600 direct customers, all managing their Inbound and Outbound freight shipping needs through the Cerasis Rater. Shipper sizes range from only a few shipments a week to hundreds per day – and from one location to hundreds all across the country.

Our proprietary transportation management system, is used by transportation and logistics managers of our customers, our freight routing specialists, our Account Executives for pre-engagement freight invoice analysis, our customers’ leadership and executives for business intelligence around freight data and freight shipment activity, as well as our own internal freight management services customer service reps to provide holistic freight logistics services to our customers.

Cerasis Rater Capabilities

Eliminate Manual Process

  • Process your own shipment, at any time, 24/7 through our web-based portal.
  • Upload, store, and maintain your shipper address book with pre-population to maintain accuracy and save time.
  • Store your custom commodities, and over time the Cerasis Rater puts the most commonly used to the top of the list for faster processing.
  • Choose from multiple carriers whose rates are negotiated specifically to your needs within the system, allowing you to not waste time or energy, and to not leave money on the table at time of shipment.
  • Choose carriers based on rate, transit time, and limit of liability to ensure your cargo and your peace of mind are covered.
  • Print batch freight quotes, bills of lading, invoices, and labels all within the same system.
  • Create, email, and print bills of lading when you are done processing your freight shipment.
  • E-mail notification options customized to your needs.

Optimization Capabilities

  • Consolidate shipments to reduce transportation costs.
  • True multi-modal comparisons – Small Package, LTL, and Truckload.
  • Truckload multiple transit stop shipments.
  • Pool Point distribution functionality.

Multi-Enterprise Application

  • If your company has multiple business units that ship freight, you can consolidate and allocate transportation costs to each division or subsidiary according to their exact usage.
  • Provides complete visibility of all shipment activity — Inbound, Outbound and Drop-ship.

Customer Satisfaction Tools

  • Tracking information at your fingertips.

Freight Accounting Tools and Freight Payment Options

  • Receive one weekly,consolidated, detailed freight invoice eliminating the need to cut numerous checks.
  • Online billing functionality, eliminating paper invoicing and speeding up cash flow potential from your customers.
  • 24/7 access to invoice variances, allowing you to see the reasons why there is a variance and access any documents from carriers in the cloud, such as reweigh documents.

Management Tools and Reporting Functionality

  • Customizable reports.
  • Management-driven application.
  • Compliance reporting for cost reduction initiatives.

Vendor/Shipper Compliance Solutions

Are you seeking a unified view of your supply chain indicators? Then turn to the Cerasis Rater for:

  • An easily-deployed program.
  • Comprehensive compliance reporting.

Integration and Connect Services

Eliminate Time. Eliminate Process. Eliminate Waste. Eliminate Uncertainty

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