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Freight Claims Management


Cerasis has dedicated freight claims managers whose only job is to focus on the speedy, efficient, and thorough resolutions of any and all of our customers’ freight claims. Our freight claims management services are included simply by being a Cerasis customer. It is in ours, yours, and our carrier partners’ best interests to fully investigate and resolve freight claims.


Cerasis offers the following freight claims services:

    • Process all freight claims from beginning to end.
    • Work as a liaison on behalf of our customer, working with our carrier partners and providing transparent communication throughout the entire freight claims process.
    • Provide proactive education to shippers, consignees, and carriers to decrease future freight claims by empowering all parties with the knowledge of what a freight claim is, how to avoid future damage, and ensure freight claims are resolved.
    • Keep all parties compliant by following all policies and regulations of customers, carriers, and industry standards.
    • Process checks and ensure all parties are paid in a timely manner when a claim is resolved.
    • Proactively follow up on claims status to resolve them within the 90-day freight claims window.
    • Educate all parties in the case of a denied claim.
    • Offer freight claims expertise, taking the burden and anxiety away from our customers when it comes to freight claims due to the thousands of processed claims and man hours put into proper freight claims management.

How to Report or File Freight Claims

To file a Loss & Damage freight claim, please click on the following form link: Shipment Claims Form

This will take you to the Loss & Damage Checklist form in order for you to complete the claim process. Please review and complete this form carefully, and gather the necessary documents to support your Loss and/or Damage Claim.

After completing this form, please FAX it along with the necessary Accompanying Documents (see page 2) to Cerasis, at:

(651) 365-8158, ATTN: Claims

Alternatively, you may scan and email the documents, including this form, to Cerasis at:

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