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Carrier Relations


Effective carrier relationship management is much like the precision dancing of a ballerina. Like a ballerina, our carrier relations team must maintain balance by advocating on behalf of our shippers all while improving the business outcomes for our carrier partners. Cerasis knows that without our carriers we would not have services for our customers. Without our customers, we wouldn’t provide value to our carriers. We truly believe our carrier partners are the glue that holds our business model together, and that’s the reason why our first key hire after our founding, was in our carrier relationship management division.

Carrier Relationship Management Services

  • Negotiate contracts pricing with our carriers, including dedicated lane rates for LTL and Truckload freight services.
  • Discuss further cost savings opportunities for our current shippers with our Account Executives.
  • Maintain long-lasting, sustainable relationships with our carrier partners to better align our goals, our customers’ goals, and the carriers’ goals in order to continue to give the BEST options for our shippers.
  • Update and configure all customer-specific and dedicated lane rates in our transportation management system, the Cerasis Rater.
  • Provide freight data and shipment analysis for carriers to uncover further cost savings year-over-year and give intelligence such as capacity reports and on-time shipment reports to better improve carrier operations.
  • 24/7 web-based access to our CarrierLINK portal where carriers have on-demand reports showing open freight invoices and when they are due.
  • Proactively working with our carrier partners rather than only reaching out to them when Cerasis or shippers have a need or when it’s the yearly time to negotiate freight rates.

Carrier Relations Management Philosophy

We pride ourselves on being able to take a unique look at our customers’ overall needs and objectives, and then we tailor our programs to fit specific business strategies. We take the same approach when we work with our select carrier partners. Our carrier relations team works diligently with our carrier base to ensure both the carrier and the customer get their needs met effectively and efficiently.

All carrier partners are under a Cerasis-driven contract and rules tariff. A specific one-to-one contract for each Cerasis shipper with carriers who will offer the greatest impact allows the Cerasis carrier relationship management team to successfully manage and maintain any type of rules and contract changes through transparent, collaborative, and business outcome-focused communications with our carrier partners. If freight rate changes are required by a carrier, they are not made in our system until the carrier submits the rates to our team and approves the requested rate change with the carrier.

Our carrier relations team works with our carrier partners in many aspects of pricing points. What’s more, all carriers in our freight management software are lane-based rates. This means that we let carriers use their own rate base instead of making them use a foreign rate base, such as a CZAR tariff, which doesn’t necessarily model their needs or service points.

Whether it be Neutral Rate Base or Lane specific, Cerasis negotiates rates that serves our customers in the best way possible (we will even load in your rates and co-mange if you desire).

Specialized Pricing Points

Cerasis is committed to offering the best freight rate pricing possible to meet both shipper and carrier needs alike. With many different types of pricing structures available, Cerasis can customize a program suited specifically for your company.

Pricing structures include:

  • FAK (Freight All Kinds) tiered or blanket
  • Pallet pricing structure
  • Commodity exceptions
  • Dedicated truckload pricing, with or without multiple transit points (consolidation)
  • Pool Point distribution needs

Cerasis will conduct a thorough historical freight invoice analysis and model so your product gets to market in the most cost effective manner possible.

Schedule an in depth historical freight invoice analysis for your company, or call us today at 800-734-5351.

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