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digital transformation

Are industrial manufacturers seizing all the opportunities of a more digital world?
Possibly not.
A recent article suggests that, by 2018, only 30 percent of manufacturers investing in digital transformation will be able to maximize the outcome. The remaining 70 percent are hindered by outdated business models and technology.
This is concerning.

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small business technology

With the rapid advancement in technology, a lot of small and medium scale enterprises are now able to compete in the market with much better business tools that improve their efficiency and accuracy. And as we welcome the new year, new small business technology and trends are surfacing once again which will further make technology an imperative in small business today.

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A Quick Recap of Recent Trends in Manufacturing Technology to Think About 2017.
Although apps and smart devices will make an impact in manufacturing technologies this year, a few other recent trends in manufacturing technology will dramatically redefine industry standards.

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technological innovation

For years, policy discussions about America’s technological innovation-driven, high-tech economy have focused on just a few iconic places, such as the Route 128 tech corridor around Boston, Massachusetts; Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; Seattle, Washington; and, of course, California’s white-hot Silicon Valley.

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augmented reality in manufacturing

There is probably no better way to describe augmented reality than with Pokemon Go. Augmented reality turns your surrounding into an interactive realm that could be in the form of a game or anything else that is objective-based. It will add a touch of digital elements, objects, and another alluring glamor to make the experience more enjoyable.