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We work with a lot of manufacturing companies and one of the questions we get most often is ‘Why do we need to blog’? Often followed by ‘How do we blog for manufacturing’? A word about what a blog is. When manufacturers think about manufacturing blogging, they think about writing, and along with public speaking, writing produces an almost visceral reaction in many people.

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Achieving OEE

Manufacturing efficiency relies heavily on the equipment used. If equipment isn’t functioning at peak performance, then the yield it is outputting won’t cover the initial cost of investment. To determine the efficiency of the equipment, OEE is the industry standard on how to measure productivity and achieving OEE is critical to your success.

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product manufacturing

Medical devices go through several different phases before they’re ready for final distribution. Initial design and prototyping, quality assurance and full-on production are all required to develop safe, reliable and efficient devices. To complicate things further, some devices – particularly those made for the medical industry – require sterilization.

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Product Packaging

Package of a product is the cynosure of the whole drama, it is very important to concentrate on it as equal as the product marketing. Especially when it comes to the e-commerce platform, packaging plays a vital role on itself. As online shopping is completely occupied to human psychology in the present era, the package or the outer appearance of the product can boost your sale.

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manufacturing equipment

On one hand, it would be great to have brand new manufacturing equipment. On the other, brand new equipment costs money. You need to justify the expense based on factors relating to both obsolescence and business goals. Of the two, business goals have a greater weight, as you shall see.
First, a word about the obstacles to upgrading.

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digital transformation

Are industrial manufacturers seizing all the opportunities of a more digital world?
Possibly not.
A recent article suggests that, by 2018, only 30 percent of manufacturers investing in digital transformation will be able to maximize the outcome. The remaining 70 percent are hindered by outdated business models and technology.
This is concerning.