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Implementing ELDs

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from Troy Diffenderfer who shares several key benefits of implementing ELDs into your fleet.
After a second appeal was recently denied, it looks like the MAP-21 electronic logging device rule will soon be in effect and if your company hasn’t already, you’ll soon be implementing ELDs into your fleet in the near future.

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transport management system

We continue our series on the “State of the Transportation Management Systems” today with our post on the 4 key processes enabled by the use by shippers of a transport management system or TMS. In our first post, we covered generally the potential of TMS and the main reasons why shippers turn to TMS.

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web based transportation management system dinosaur

While it can’t be said that every company has tapped into the power and flexibility of a web based transportation management system, such applications have been around long enough to no longer qualify as new (in fact our web based transportation management system, the Cerasis Rater, has been web based since 1997, before Google was even a company) – and their presence in the enterprise is growing.

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transportation management system cerasis rater

Cerasis Rater 4.0 continues to stay on the technological edge of emerging freight and transportation technology with this latest iteration.

(Eagan, MN) — Cerasis Inc., a top third party logistics company, servicing North American shippers shipping modes via less-than-truckload, truckload, and small package (parcel), announces the launch of the Cerasis Rater 4.0 on November 12, 2013.

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technology in logistics

We, as logistics professionals, talk about the current trend in bar coding, RFID, security, voice-activated systems and all of the other emerging trends for technology in logistics. But what about the future of robotics in logistics?

Basically, robots have been used in factories to perform repetitive tasks that required speed, precision and force.