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[WHITE PAPER] The Complete Guide for Shippers to Process & Master Freight Claims

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It’s been said that the one area that most shippers are the least knowledgeable in is that of claims for freight loss and damage. However, this does not mean that an understanding of freight claims isn’t vital to running an efficient transportation and logistics department.
Freight Claims in Plain English
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The Ultimate Guide for Effective Freight Claims Management

Cerasis put on a 75 minute webinar entitled, The “Knowledge is Power” Freight Claims Management Webinar on June 19th, 2014 at 10:30 AM CST. We had a great turnout with over 170 logistics managers, supply chain officers, and those in the transportation world registering and attending the webinar.

FREE Webinar: Register for the “Knowledge is Power” Freight Claims Management Webinar from Cerasis

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As a top freight management services and third party logistics company, Cerasis is well equipped with powerful knowledge on freight claims management to impart upon North American Shippers in this educational online webinar.

Cerasis Inc.

Freight Claims Management Certification of 3 Cerasis Employees after Completion the Institute of Logistical Management’s (ILM) Course

Third party logistics company, Cerasis, Inc., upholding the core value of continuous improvement of processes and people, in order to serve North American freight shippers, announces completion of the freight claims management course.

(Eagan, MN) – Cerasis, Inc.

5 Freight Claim Answers That Every Claimant Should Know

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This post concludes are very extensive and thorough look at the world of freight claims and damage. Make sure you browse the freight claim blog post category to view all of them. Today our freight claims department will discuss the top 5 questions they get asked from our customers for whom Cerasis manages freight claims for.

The 4 Types of Freight Claims

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If you have been following the Cerasis blogs, we have written extensively on all things freight claims. From the 6 easy steps of how to file a freight claim, to how you can better ensure your freight claims get paid, how not to be distracted by these freight claim time wasters, and of course why you may receive a freight claim declination.

8 Most Common Reasons Why You May Receive a Freight Claim Declination Letter

freight claim declination

If you have been following our blog as of late, we have been talking about an issue in the freight world not many logistics or transportation managers (or controllers, customers, and executives) really want to deal with: freight claims. You’ve worked really hard as a company to manufacture your product, or distribute to the end customer. You’ve selected the right carrier for your needs. And then..

Effective Freight Claim Management: Decrease Time on These 7 Freight Claim Time Wasters

freight claims management 7 time wasters

We continue our extensive series on all things freight claims today. We’ve covered the 6 easy steps to file a freight claim, 4 Ways to Increase Your Freight Claim Amount,  knowing the difference between freight insurance and freight liability, 8 Freight Claims Tips to Ensure You Get the Full Amount Paid, and 5 “Knowledge is Power” Tips to Mitigate Freight Damage and Freight Claims.

Freight Damages Happen: 4 Ways to Increase Your Freight Claim Amount

We continue our ongoing series around all things freight claims. In the past we wrote about 6 easy steps on how to file a freight claim, the difference between freight insurance and freight liability, 8 ways to make sure your freight claim gets paid, and the classic one, which we think is the basis of effective freight claims management, 5 “Knowledge Is Power” tips to mitigate freight damages.

The Importance of How to File a Freight Claim and the 6 Main Steps of Successful Freight Claims

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With our first post in our freight claims series, we addressed up front, before you start shipping freight, the difference in freight insurance vs. freight liability. We will continue our series today in talking about freight claims, by focusing on the basics. We don’t want to take anything for granted with the level of understanding of our readers.

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