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The Digital Supply Chain

Imagine a world where automation comes together with technology to deliver products without human intervention. An order is placed by a consumer. 3D printers pickup the details and print the finished product. It’s then picked by robots from the shelves, packaged and placed into a self-driving truck.

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state of manufacturing

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Every new year we write about the most important trends to pay attention to for the year on our blog. In 2016 we focused on our main areas of writing: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation Management.

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The B2B eCommerce industry is worth roughly $1 trillion in the U.S. alone today, according to estimates from Gartner and Forrester Research. Not to mention the industry is growing at nearly four times the rate of B2C eCommerce, as distributors like you respond to the growing demand among buyers to purchase online and on-the-go.

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3pl ebook

We introduce you to part 2 of our e-book series The Essential Guide to Third Party Logistics. In this installment, we’ll talk about How to Work with a 3PL, The Benefits of a 3PL, & the Future Trends of the 3PL Industry. Download by filling out the form below & read the introduction below the form!

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