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digital transformation

Are industrial manufacturers seizing all the opportunities of a more digital world?
Possibly not.
A recent article suggests that, by 2018, only 30 percent of manufacturers investing in digital transformation will be able to maximize the outcome. The remaining 70 percent are hindered by outdated business models and technology.
This is concerning.

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Supply chain industry leaders have access to more information today than ever before in history. Thanks to data gathering programs, supply chain software, and data entry applications, this represents a mountain of data, which has the potential to provide ground-breaking insight into how to improve business-model efficiency.

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Supply chain industry leaders have access to more information today than ever before in history.

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data analysis

Modern supply chains are evolving beyond anyone’s expectations due to increased use of cloud-computing technologies, wearables and advanced data analysis. In addition, the role of these technologies is becoming more than a means of guaranteeing profits; they are enabling more small businesses to compete with larger, big box retailers, which drives prices down for end users.

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data analytics

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from our friend Derrick Rehn with FusionOps who shows us how big data analytics can benefit you in your supply chain.
As big data analytics offer a sizeable competitive advantage for many industries, the drive to deliver cutting edge innovation in data analytics is ever increasing.

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big data applications

Big data applications are already impacting supply chain entities around the globe, but some of its most interesting possibilities may have yet to be realized. Since the digital universe will expand to more than 40 trillion gigabytes by 2020, reports Jim Taylor of Inbound Logistics, future possibilities through big data may not even be fathomable.

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supply chain leaders

Supply chain leaders are enthralled with the idea of using big data, but they tend to fail to understand how to disseminate big data in their organization properly. True, they may know how to roll out big data in a single warehouse, or they may have heard their competitors used branded systems for implementing this new technology. However, the fundamental problem remains.

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big data strategy

The amount of information and improvement possible through big data can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, this may lead some supply chain managers or executives to simply avoid the topic until a more cohesive understanding of its possibilities can be made. Meanwhile, stakeholders do not get to reap the rewards of this new tech trend, and the overall enterprise suffers without realizing it.