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manufacturing careers

It’s graduation time, meaning that many young people are faced with that burning question: “Well … now what?”

Some of the lucky college grads already have jobs lined up or at least a clear path for their next move. That’s great! But for plenty of others, the end of college means moving back home, often with a load of student debt and no solid career prospects on the horizon.

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can bosses handle the truth

I will deliver the goods and answer what all bosses need to hear, but first, let me tell you a real story in my job that led to this post…..
If you have an Issue, Make Sure You Get the Data, the Facts, And Find a Solution
Yesterday I had a scheduled tele-meeting with a fellow manager on our leadership team who manages our data services department.

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transportation best practices

In a tight capacity crunch that we are seeing now and as the manufacturing renaissance surges, in part thanks to reshoring, but mostly to the recovering economy and improvements by manufacturers to stay lean and mean, North American shippers, in order to sustain and scale their logistics’ departments, are needing to evolve and employ transportation best practices and a LTL shipping strategy.

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efficient consumer response in the supply chain

Efficient Consumer Response is All About Going Beyond the Customer’s Value Expectations
Efficient Consumer Response is a strategic concept created by the processed food distribution industry in the U.S. aiming to recover competitive strength. Whether a company can survive depends on whether the company can provide customers with higher values.