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Effective Logistics Management

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from our friend Robert Everett who gives us some fantastic tips for effective logistics management.
Efficient management is the key to success, especially in supply chain management. There are various factors involved in effective logistics management, for example, automation and perfect coordination. But, there is always a scope for improvising the process.

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Product Packaging

Package of a product is the cynosure of the whole drama, it is very important to concentrate on it as equal as the product marketing. Especially when it comes to the e-commerce platform, packaging plays a vital role on itself. As online shopping is completely occupied to human psychology in the present era, the package or the outer appearance of the product can boost your sale.

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freight claim management

Cerasis Inc., announces that their “Essential Guide to Freight Claims Management” Webinar is now open for registrations by shippers of all sizes. Cerasis will present educational material covering all things freight claims on June 6th, 2017 at 10 AM CST.
Register for this webinar by visiting this link here: https://goo.

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transportation planners

There are additional advances in automation that push the supply chain toward greater use and deployment of technology and transportation planners are the key.
Drone Delivery Takes Flight.
Last December, Amazon successfully placed its first test flight and delivery by drone. As the technology improves, drone delivery will become a reality, not just a possibility.

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outsourcing technology to 3pls

Automation sales declined throughout 2016, but industry experts believe a major shift toward third-party companies is coming, reports Patrick Burnson of Supply Chain Management Review Manufacturers need to increase production without increasing overhead costs, and outsourcing technology to 3Pls is the perfect solution.

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real-time inventory management

Manufacturers have always struggled to obtain the most accurate inventory levels possible. While an out-of-stock issue may seem minor, it could result in the loss of multiple-item orders, especially among e-commerce shoppers. In fact, up to 52 percent of e-commerce shoppers abandon their carts when they learn one product they want is out-of-stock.

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customer returns

The retail space has changed hugely over recent years; we have seen a whole industry open up to so many new entrants in the form of eCommerce websites which have taken a substantial market share from traditional brick and mortar stores. One thing remains constant for both channels however and that is the issue of customer returns.