TMS Software Study: 1/4 of Shippers Still Using Manual Methods, Want Route Optimization

TMS Software

As a third party logistics company who offers both managed transportation services alongside our web based TMS Software, also known as a transportation management system, which we call the Cerasis Rater, we are always interested in what the marketplace of shippers has to say about TMS software.

3 Critical Components to Streamline Your Manufacturing Process

manufacturing process

Streamlining your manufacturing process (and quality processes) will result in greater profits — the key is knowing how to improve without reducing the quality of your product. Streamlining involves reducing waste, improving quality and using the technology available to keep all team members working together. Improvements can be made to both material and labor costs.

5 Awesome Infographics About the Trucking Industry

trucking industry

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then that is more or less true when it comes to infographics. Combining images, text and explanatory notes backed by numbers and interesting facts, infographics are easy to navigate and extremely informative.

In some intriguing yet minimalistic way, infographics provide the basic explanation of a topic or a trend.

Manufacturing Metrics that Matter Most: A Comprehensive Checklist

manufacturing metrics

In today’s manufacturing enterprise, executives and line of business managers are constantly bombarded with information, making it difficult to weed through all the available manufacturing metrics to figure out what business issues need to be addressed.

Transportation Infrastructure Investment and Highway Trust Fund Economic Analysis

The White House released a new report from the Council of Economic Advisers and National Economic Council on the long-term economic benefits of transportation infrastructure investment and why conditions in the infrastructure sector are ripe for innovation, with new technologies and approaches promising significant gains in productivity, efficiency, and resilience.

Advanced Manufacturing White Paper From the North American Manufacturing Research Institution of SME

advanced manufacturing

The North American Manufacturing Research Institution of SME (NAMRI/SME) has announced a new position paper titled, “Advanced Manufacturing Initiatives: A National Imperative,” that addresses the current state of manufacturing in the United States, makes several recommendations to drive the economy and offers support to various initiatives.

Celebrating Independence: Right-Sizing Trade Compliance Automation for Improved Costs & Controls

trade compliance automation

Ah, “trade compliance”. Sounds so simple. Only two words. And explaining what it encompasses could, and does take, if you read all the associated laws and regulations, thousands of pages.

Manufacturing Impacts Your Local Economy, Now you Can Prove it with Economic Impact Rating Certification

If you follow the Cerasis blog, you know that we are a logistics service provider, commonly known as a third party logistics company, who provides technology as a process improvement enabler for shippers to better manage their Less than truckload, truckload, and small package freight moves. We also provide managed transportation services for our shippers.

The Importance of Manufacturing on This July 4th Weekend: A Manufacturing Survey & Resources

importance of manufacturing

Manufacturing: The backbone of July 4th Weekend
As many of us begin the yearly tradition of packing into a car for a road trip to celebrate Independence Day this July 4th weekend, or as countless people flock to their local supermarkets to stock up on hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, drinks, ice, and decoration, and as fireworks stands pop up out on our nation’s highways servicing thousands, I am remi

Despite Weaker than Expected June ISM PMI, Manufacturing Solid, Economy Improving

june ism PMI

It was a mixed bag of data in the June ISM PMI Manufacturing Index from the Institute for Supply Management, with new orders on the increase and production falling back. That was reflected in the 55.3% PMI Index figure for June, which was 0.1 percentage point below the May reading but still more than 10% above the break-even point of 50%.

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