Manufacturing Industry Pros Share Why Manufacturing Is Important to the Economy

manufacturing industry pros

As we all start thinking towards the glorious three day weekend to celebrate the hard work of all Americans this Labor Day, I wanted to share the results of our survey we did right before Independence Day earlier this year in our post titled “The Importance of Manufacturing in America.

How the Web Based Transportation Management System Will Make the Server Side TMS Go the Way of the Dinosaur

web based transportation management system dinosaur

While it can’t be said that every company has tapped into the power and flexibility of a web based transportation management system, such applications have been around long enough to no longer qualify as new (in fact our web based transportation management system, the Cerasis Rater, has been web based since 1997, before Google was even a company) – and their presence in the enterprise is growing.

LTL Pricing Climbing Upward, How GRIs Work, & 7 Ways to Mitigate Increased LTL Costs as a Shipper

LTL Pricing

This post is going to cover first a look at the less-than-truckload (LTL) industry and how LTL pricing is expected to climb higher as the industry rebounds, an explanation of how General Rate Increases work and their effect on LTL pricing, and then, despite increases in LTL pricing, how, as a shipper, you can employ 7 ways to mitigate your overall LTL costs.

5 Co-Pack & Business Decisions You Could Make If You Had Real-Time Feedback

co pack real time data

Editor’s Note: As in yesterday’s blog post, we were talking about the idea of lowering manufacturing costs and how a manufacturing company can easily stay efficient by looking at their current operations, the possibility of outsourcing to those who have expertise around your non-core focus, and how technology makes all of it more scalable as you grow.

6 Ways to Lower Your Manufacturing Costs to Gain a Competitive Edge

manufacturing costs

As you may know or not know, Cerasis is not a manufacturing consultancy who provides direct services to manufacturers to improve direct manufacturing process. However, we have a great affiliation and special interest with the manufacturing community.

The Secret that Breaking Bad Showed Manufacturing Companies About Content Marketing

manufacturing content marketing breaking bad

Editor’s Note: Why is Cerasis, a third party logistics company who makes freight and transportation management more effective through technology and managed transportation services talking about Content marketing? Well, we are not, but a marketing company who caters to the B2B sector and manufacturer does! But, in all seriousness, effective segments of your business, such as logistics and marketin

How Implementing a Consolidated Freight Invoices Program Will Make You a Finance Department’s Hero

freight invoices consolidation program

We are now onto the next section of our current series involving all things transportation and freight accounting. This time we are covering a not so commonly used program by a lot of shippers: consolidated freight invoices program.

[White Paper] Manufacturing is Back…and the Future of Manufacturing

future of manufacturing

As IDC Manufacturing Insights reported at the end of 2013 about how important it was for manufacturing to focus on operations and technology by highlighting these 10 salient points, the United States was settling into what would be a long and economically stifling winter, thanks to that pesky thing they call the Polar Vortex.

What is a Freight Bill, Automation Possibilities, and the Benefits of Effective Freight Bill Management

freight bill image

Today we continue our series on freight and transportation accounting by now talking about what is a freight bill and what to expect in the way of line item charges on a freight bill.

5 Areas of Focus in a Long Term Logistics Strategy that a TMS Can Solve

tms solutions

For the second year in a row, the Cerasis Transportation Management System, the Cerasis Rater, was included in Inbound Logistics’ Annual TMS Buyer’s Guide. Transportation management systems (TMS) offer tremendous benefits for shipment management, trading partner collaboration, and freight payment. But with so many products on the market, finding the right solution can be daunting.

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