3 Forward-Thinking Ways to Increase Warehouse Safety for the Future

increase warehouse safety

The manufacturing industry is undergoing steady growth and momentum as economic activity continues to expand. In fact, there are a multitude of exciting changes on the horizon, including lean operations, improved automation, reshoring, technology and innovation, and more.

Cerasis Co-Hosts “The Growth of E-Commerce and Its Freight Transportation Impacts” Webinar for U.S. Department of Transportation

ecommerce freight webinar

The Department of Transportation (DOT) turned to Cerasis, a 3PL with expertise in transportation management by way of technology through their transportation management system (TMS) and managed transportation services, due to their extensive experience in working with shippers and carriers in the rapidly growing sector of freight shipments derived from sales generated through the e-commerce channe

8 Action Items Shippers Can Take to Minimize the Cost Effects of DIM Pricing for Less-Than-Truckload Shipping

The latest industry-pricing trend, dimensional weight pricing, or often referred as “DIM Pricing,” calls for LTL freight cost calculations using pounds per cubic foot of space occupied on the truck. Both UPS and FedEx recently announced dimension-weight pricing plans for parcel/small packages effective Dec. 29 and Jan. 1, respectively.

The New Dimensional Weight Pricing Mechanism and Its Implications on Freight Shipping Costs

dimensional weight pricing

This is a two part series talking about the implications of the shift towards dimensional weight pricing. Today’s post will cover more on what is dimensional weight pricing and some tips to know to get prepared for a possible sweeping shift to DIM pricing in less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping.

[WHITE PAPER] The Complete Guide for Shippers to Process & Master Freight Claims

freight claims white paper

It’s been said that the one area that most shippers are the least knowledgeable in is that of claims for freight loss and damage. However, this does not mean that an understanding of freight claims isn’t vital to running an efficient transportation and logistics department.
Freight Claims in Plain English
The late William J.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Evolution and History of Supply Chain Management

evolution and history of supply chain management

History of Supply Chain Management
Over the last 100 plus years of the history of supply chain management has evolved from an initial focus on improving relatively simple, but very labor-intensive processes to the present day engineering and managing of extraordinarily complex global networks. We will take you through the last 60 plus years below and end the post with an amazing infographic.

Step Out of Line America: A Need for Action & Middle Class Paradigm Changes in the New American Economy

My name is Josh Miller; I’m a blue-collar worker during the day and an independent filmmaker at night. My passion lies with the “Made in America” movement. Many of you know me as the “Made in USA Guy” and are aware of my documentary film, “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey” now available on iTunes if I may add. All American Clothing Co.

Vendor Managed Inventory Model for Supply Chain Cost Reductions

supply chain cost reductions

As a supply chain director, manager, or boss of a multinational corporation, where the supply chain is an integral part of your business, supply chain cost reductions are always at the forefront of your team’s mind. You can employ countless number of supply chain service providers who will help realized these cost reductions throughout the entire supply chain.

Choosing The Right Manufacturing Drill Bit For The Job

manufacturing drill bit

Editor’s Note: As you know by now, we like to talk about subjects related to manufacturing. Drill bits are used in personal application, but there are also manufacturing drill bits used in the manufacturing process of various products.

10 Issues Keeping Manufacturers and Distributors Up At Night for 2015

manufacturers and distributors

As we get settled into this new year, we thought we’d share observations from conversations we’ve had with manufacturers and distributors recently.  These ten issues are what is keeping them up at night. We believe they are worthy of discussion in 2015 as they are more pressing than ever as competition continues to heat up with current incumbents and the growing competition from start ups.

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