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apu regulations

APU (Auxiliary Power Units) decrease the need for drivers to run their truck engines on idle while they’re parked and are regularly used to limit fuel use. Although, one disadvantage is that these APUs normally weigh several hundred pounds, which could be a problem for drivers who often carry close to maximum weight limits.

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supply chain managers

The roles of logistics and procurement in an efficient supply chain cannot be overstated. According to Paul Myerson, reports Industry Week, up 70 percent of a company’s costs come from procurement and logistics operations. Meanwhile, this large volume of expenses is directly related to 80 percent or a company’s working capital via inventory and accounts payable.

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Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is from our friends Magnatag Visible Systems. I dont know if you all are like me, but I could use some extra motivation to get up and productive in the morning. Thankfully, with these three simple routines, you can kickstart your day.
3 Simple Routines That Will Help Kickstart Your Day
Let’s face it; no one likes waking up in the morning.

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Getting the raw materials needed to maintain production is one of the most important parts of the whole supply chain. If raw materials are unavailable, all subsequent processes are affected, which may result in increased costs to consumers and the respective companies as well. However, following these 10 practices can help you learn how to reduce spend in the procurement supply chain.