[INFOGRAPHIC] Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain Is Good for the Environment & Your Company

“Going Green” carries more clout these days as companies realize the blend of business with eco-friendly initiatives involves more than social responsibility. In today’s ecologically sensitive consumer environment, going green also makes good business sense. See below the rest of this post to see the full sustainable supply chain inforgraphic.

[WHITE PAPER] Download: The Complete Guide to Understanding & Benefiting from Inbound Freight Programs

inbound freight programs

Cerasis, a third party logistics company with a strong focus on inbound freight management, announces the release of a new white paper entitled, “The Complete Guide to Understanding & Benefiting from Inbound Freight Programs.” Those interested in obtaining a copy of the white paper may fill out the form to the right to access it.

Freight Brokers: 6 Things Shippers Need to Know about You

freight brokers questions to ask

Editor’s Note: This is a guest article from Vic Lance, founder and president of Lance Surety Bonds Associates. Cerasis is not only a provider of transportation management services, but also provides services like other freight brokers to arrange for full truckload shipments.

American Manufacturing Needs a Redeem Team (And a National Manufacturing Strategy)

national manufacturing strategy

Americans hold firmly onto the belief that we have the most productive workforce in the world. But why has productivity failed to translate into international success in advanced industries? For an explanation, we should take a lesson from the failures of the 2004 U.S. Men’s Olympic Basketball Team, which was full of NBA all-stars but fell well short of gold.

A Less than 5 Minute Read to Get 5 Quick Freight Saving Tips for Regular Shippers

freight saving

A true challenge that any small business faces is shipping merchandise and goods. It is one of the most complicated operations, which requires very careful planning, evaluating and choosing the right carrier to work with in order to state that you achieved your goals all while still keeping an eye on where you can realize a freight saving. This can mean the difference between success and failure.

100 B2B Sales and Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

b2b sales and marketing stats

Editor’s Note: At Cerasis, our goal is to make those in the manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and industrial spaces more efficient in a very important (and often costly) area of business: Logistics and transportation management. Another important (and ever more increasingly so) business area those in the B2B space must also focus on to stay competitive is effective marketing.

Best Truck Stops in the US: Disneyland for Truckers

best truck stops

Editor’s Note: This post is for all those out there who most of the economy depends on: Truckers. As a third party logistics company who focuses on motor freight transportation management, our select carrier partners are our life blood. Without them, we wouldn’t have a business and shippers couldn’t get their shipments from suppliers or send shipments to customers.

Export Control Laws in Logistics: Keeping the Recipe for the Secret Sauce for Export, Re-Export and Deemed Export Controls

export control laws

Why Do We Have Export Control Laws & Regulations?
In a perfect world, export control laws wouldn’t be necessary because there would be no bad guys. Unfortunately, such is not the case. We live in a world where we and others around the globe enjoy our personal freedoms, our rule of law, and other live-and-let-live social structures that are not embraced by some folks.

7 Damages to your Freight Network When There is Lack of Attention on Carrier Relationship Management & Performance

freight network

After deploying a transportation management system and managed transportation services solution, shippers can often shift their focus from tactical execution to more strategic initiatives. An example of such an initiative is improving carrier relationships and overall performance through collaboration and evaluating important transportation metrics.

3 Macro Trends Driving the Automotive Aftermarket Industry & The Outlook to 2020

Editor’s Note: Cerasis is a third party logistics company who has many customers in the automotive aftermarket industry. This is the final post in our series  covering the automotive aftermarket industry as we lead up to next week’s Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo where we will exhibit alongside several of our current customers.

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