5 Freight Claim Answers That Every Claimant Should Know

freight claim questions and answers

This post concludes are very extensive and thorough look at the world of freight claims and damage. Make sure you brows the freight claim blog post category to view all of them. Today our freight claims department will discuss the top 5 questions they get asked from our customers for whom Cerasis manages freight claims for.

3D Printing: One Step Closer to a Star Trek Future? [INFOGRAPHIC]

3d printing

On the original Star Trek TV series from the 1960s, they had their fictional replicator technology that materialized food, drink and non-edible objects. Well…now 3D printing is turning fiction into fact. There’s even a 3D printer by MakerBot Industries called the Replicator.

The 4 Types of Freight Claims

types of freight claims

If you have been following the Cerasis blogs, we have written extensively on all things freight claims. From the 6 easy steps of how to file a freight claim, to how you can better ensure your freight claims get paid, how not to be distracted by these freight claim time wasters, and of course why you may receive a freight claim declination.

Manufacturing Industry’s Health Does NOT Equal Number of Manufacturing Jobs

The following is a blog post we came across that points to more numbers about manufacturing jobs and the overall manufacturing industry. Many reports have come out recently of the rise of manufacturing in America around reshoring and continuing positive manufacturing indexes. However, there are still some out there who say manufacturing is not truly recovering until the jobs return.

How to Check if Your Freight Broker is Legitimate

freight broker legitimate

Wouldn’t it be great if you did your business trusting all of the parties involved in freight without a shadow of a doubt?

Sometimes this is indeed possible – when you’ve worked with the same partners for years and you’ve managed to build a work environment of mutual trust and cooperation.

The Importance of Company Culture for Continuous Improvement (and Long Term Success)

The constant drive of process improvement is the key to a successful organization. Many organizations fail to succeed because they place this accountability on leaders instead of people actually doing the work. As a company, we need to build the culture of continuous improvement bottom up, from the most valuable areas of the organization – where the valuable processes are occurring.

8 Most Common Reasons Why You May Receive a Freight Claim Declination Letter

freight claim declination

If you have been following our blog as of late, we have been talking about an issue in the freight world not many logistics or transportation managers (or controllers, customers, and executives) really want to deal with: freight claims. You’ve worked really hard as a company to manufacture your product, or distribute to the end customer. You’ve selected the right carrier for your needs. And then..

Proof in Numbers: US Manufacturing Performance Continues to Improve

us manufacturing economic numbers

If you have followed the Cerasis blog over the last year, although we are a third party logistics provider, our goal to our readers is to not only talk about what we do, logistics and freight management, but to bring news and best practices which affect our customers: Manufacturers and distributors (or those who ship freight in North America).

5 More Tips to Fight the Great Capacity Crunch in Trucking of 2014

capacity crunch in trucking

For the thousands of companies that rely on the nation’s trucking network to get their goods to market, perhaps no issue in the past few years has become more critical than the capacity crunch in trucking. And this year, on top of the already tight capacity, the weather (and soon the flooding from thaw out) will only increase the tightness we are seeing in full truckload capacity.

In a Tight Capacity Crunch, Use These 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of an LTL Volume Freight

volume freight

Who doesn’t like saving money on freight? And we are not talking about saving to prosperity or beating up carriers or 3PLs until you find the lowest quote of the day. In today’s marketplace no matter where, what or how you do your shipping, logistics professionals are under pressure to reduce transportation costs.

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