3 Macro Trends Driving the Automotive Aftermarket Industry & The Outlook to 2020

Editor’s Note: Cerasis is a third party logistics company who has many customers in the automotive aftermarket industry. This is the final post in our series  covering the automotive aftermarket industry as we lead up to next week’s Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo where we will exhibit alongside several of our current customers.

A 7 Step Process to Increase B2B Visibility on LinkedIn for Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics & Industrial Companies

linkedin manufacturing

Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog from Fronetics, one of the premier digital and content marketing agencies who focus on on the industrial, supply chain, and logistics sectors as their client base.

The $300 Million Obama Manufacturing Push & Reinvigorating American Manufacturing to A Culture of Innovation

american manufacturing

This phrase: “Reinvigorating American Manufacturing” and many many more like it (such as Renaissance, Recovery, Resurgence and more) have popped up all around the manufacturing community this year in media, by politicians, economists, and those working in and around the industry.

3 Elements to Create a Strong & Sound Logistics Practice for Manufacturers to be a “Preferred Supplier”

logistics practice

What would prompt customers to do business with your company? Why would they want to consider you special and distinguished from the rest of your competitors? There are many ways to approach that subject and we will do our best to cover it here, by introducing the need for a good business plan ahead of time when it comes to the central focus of how you both receive materials to make your product a

7 Quick & High Level Steps to Develop a New Product In Manufacturing to Go to Market

manufacturing go to market

Editor’s Note: This is a very high level step by step guide to get a new product idea in manufacturing go to market. All companies, even 100 year old companies, have to focus on creating new marketplaces either through all new products, or creating different versions of current products.

6 Competitive Advantages from Effective Transportation Management for the Automotive Aftermarket Supply Chain (And Any Shipper)

automotive aftermarket supply chain

When an automobile parts dealer or a business in the automotive aftermarket industry makes a request to its suppliers to fulfill an order, there is an expectation that the right component shows up at the right place, in the right time frame, at the right cost.

Industrial Automation: A Brief History of Manufacturing Application & The Current State and Future Outlook

industrial automation

Editor’s Note: If you are a regular reader of the Cerasis blog, you know that we are a third party logistics company who specializes in transportation management through technology (a web based transportation management system) and managed transportation services to include freight accounting (payment, auditing, invoice consolidation), freight claims, vendor inbound compliance programs, reverse l

What The Walking Dead Can Teach Manufacturing Companies About Audience Cultivation

Audience Cultivation

When it comes to Manufacturing or Industrial companies, there is a movement that digital marketing is dead and doesn’t work. That content marketing and audience cultivation are a waste of time for those industries.

I’m going to show you in less than 540 words why content marketing and audience cultivation are critical to manufacturing and industrial companies.

3 Automotive Aftermarket Trends Driving Changes & Best Practices in the Supply Chain

As we gear up to exhibit at the Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo (AAPEX) two weeks from today, we wanted to talk a little bit about some of the top automotive aftermarket trends, as well as some supply chain trends those in the automotive aftermarket are experiencing in a time that can only be described as an industry in transformation (like most industries, and especially  manufacturing).

12 Benefits Realized by Shippers When Hiring Outside Transportation Management Services

Today we are going to pick up from where we left to discuss the benefits and ROI of transportation management services. We’ve already discussed how we view what we call the new model to approach transportation management from a third party logistics provider environment. As a quick recap, the old model separated the use of a transportation management system and managed transportation services.

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