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Supply Chain Company

So are you running out of ideas on how to curate content for your supply chain company? Do you feel something is missing in the way you approach your strategies? You want to make it big, but somehow you aren’t able to make the cut? Well then, you have come to the right place.

Here we give you six simple yet effective DO’s to market your content the right way.

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trucking trends

Change is one of the most constant things to beware of when planning for your business, career, or future investments. It’s already clear that 2017 is in no way an exception to this rule. With 3.5 million truckers on the road as we speak, the changes this industry is seeing has a significant effect on nearly every aspect of the American economy and way of life.

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robots in logistics

The food processing industry impacts the way we eat and the level of access we enjoy to the products we love. Below, we’ll take a closer look at how forward-thinking companies depend on robots in logistics to facilitate needs in the food processing sector. Plus, we’ll include bonus content on how the technologies could benefit merchants and consumers during the holiday season.

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priorities for manufacturing

Companies are hoping to continue their revenue growth in 2018 by setting priorities for manufacturing in 3 key areas.
KLR has released the results of its annual manufacturing industry outlook report, and the optimism following last year’s elections will continue straight through 2017.

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Throughput and Capacity Out of Your Distribution Centers

Increased demand on your distribution centers from improved e-commerce sales, changing seasons, or other shopping patterns can limit your throughput. While expanding capacity with new construction is certainly one solution, other ways exist to get more throughput and capacity in distribution centers without major overhauls to existing operations.