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freight broker tips

Launching your business in the freight broker and logistics fields can be an exciting journey. Yet there is so to learn about it – and learn it fast, so that you can be a competitive member of the transportation community.
One of the best ways to get the knowledge you need to excel is to turn for freight broker tips in online groups.

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freight broker job description

What does it take to be a freight broker these days? While the requirements in the industry have gotten tougher over the years, there are still good signs that it is a profitable business to be in. Plus, a recent influx of tech innovations have changed the rules of the brokering game and made it easier.

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freight brokers surety bond

According to some industry estimates, half of the 21,000 freight brokers in the States are still not compliant with the new $75,000 surety bond requirement. More importantly, after the 60-day grace period ended on Dec. 1, close to 3,000 have had their licenses revoked.

The previous bond requirement was set at $10,000.