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priorities for manufacturing

Companies are hoping to continue their revenue growth in 2018 by setting priorities for manufacturing in 3 key areas.
KLR has released the results of its annual manufacturing industry outlook report, and the optimism following last year’s elections will continue straight through 2017.

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supply chain terrorism

Terrorism is a reality that, unfortunately, requires our growing attention in the supply chain world.
The British Standards Institution Supply Chain Services and Solutions publishes an annual report that analyzes global trouble spots for supply chain operations. This year’s report focused on the continual rise in terrorist attacks and how it will continue to affect the supply chain.

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supply chain companies

Sharing content from third-party sources establishes supply chain companies as a go-to resource for all things related to your industry, sector, products, or services.
When I hear the word “curate,” I think of an art gallery. I think of someone systematically picking pieces of art to display together. I think of the time and effort it takes to put these pieces together in a cohesive manor.

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supply chain and logistics professionals

Elizabeth Hines is the creative/editorial director at Fronetics, a boutique digital and content marketing firm focused on supply chain and logistics.
These podcasts bring the latest news and thought leadership in the supply chain and logistics industries right to your earbuds.
I used to think that podcasts were a hip form of new media that millennials used to further their iPhone addictions.

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logistics content marketing

Content marketing is a form of inbound marketing in which vendors publish digital content to attract customers who are searching for products and services like theirs. If done right, it is highly effective in growing brand awareness, generating and converting leads, and driving sales and repeat business. Think content marketing isn’t for supply chain and logistics businesses? Guess again.