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tms adoption

2017 is projected to be a year in which more shippers break out of the mold, embracing newer transportation management systems (TMSs). However, the adoption rates remain perplexing. As explained by Talking Logistics With Adrian Gonzalez, industrywide statistics indicate adoption rates have remained fixed near 33 percent for nearly two decades.

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tms automation

Transportation management systems (TMSs) have become among the top discussed subjects in mainstream media and across the internet. TMSs give shippers unparalleled access to information within their organization and better rates than previously possible. Earlier this year, we looked into some of the top trends pushing the TMS train forward, and safety and automation were clear frontrunners.

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manufacturing equipment

On one hand, it would be great to have brand new manufacturing equipment. On the other, brand new equipment costs money. You need to justify the expense based on factors relating to both obsolescence and business goals. Of the two, business goals have a greater weight, as you shall see.
First, a word about the obstacles to upgrading.