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Data Services


The value of the Freight Data Services team allows Cerasis shippers to have worry free shipping. Cerasis shippers don’t have to worry about their shipments after they have let Cerasis know via our transportation management system, the Cerasis Rater that we need to arrange a pick up, we track the shipment for the shipper from the beginning, verifying the freight gets picked up on time, following the freight all the way through to its destination, and then handle the billing.

Cerasis gathers all of the invoices and ALL EDI transmissions from carriers. 93% of our invoices come through via EDI.

Accurate and timley data gives our shippers peace of mind, makes sure shippers have the visibility they need into their transportation and freight, and provides all documentation around their freight on-demand 24.7.

We don’t make decisions FOR our customers, as a lot of our competitors will say “Tell me what you want, and I will tell you what you need.” We give our customers the tools to make the right decision themselves but with expert guidance, pulling everything together into one place.

The data Cerasis provides is customizable. We will sit down with a shipper trying to solve a problem or get more out of their freight department as they grow and need to make smarter decisions and provide analysis of their data so those decisions are based on fact.

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