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Third Party Logistics Companies:
The Cerasis Difference


Holistically managing the entire transportation management process, Cerasis provides shippers the ability to better manage transportation thru technology and services, empowering Manufacturing and Distribution executives with business intelligence (BI) and predictive analysis into their freight data and shipping activity.

However, the Cerasis Difference isn't only about our services or our technology. It's about our people. Our transportation management team acts as a partner to your business, embedding ourselves into your transportation management practices in order to help you save money, time, and stay competitive by allowing you to focus on your core. 

Cerasis provides customized transportation management solutions for shippers in North America, yielding hard & soft cost savings through proprietary transportation technology and managed transportation services.

So WHY should you choose Cerasis vs. Other Third Party Logistics Companies?

  • Proprietary transportation management system automates manual processes and gives you more time to focus on growing your transportation and freight departments.
  • Integrated managed transportation services help you with any ancillary issues outside of shipping with the freight management software. Issues include routing, truckload volume and spot quotes, claims management and more.
  • Cerasis carries a $250,000 freight surety bond and is TIA Performance Certified.
  • Our customer retention is 90% since our inception. We believe in long term relationships to maximize cost savings for our customers.
  • Our dedicated technology team continually improves the Cerasis Rater, our best in class TMS, to match the needs of our customers, employees, and industry.
  • Our original founders still run the company. The vision and mission haven't changed since day one, and we intend to continue our logistics philosophies to create a great company.
  • We provide more value as you grow, and we help you grow with business tools so powerful, they can build businesses.
  • Freight Rate Negotiation

    Freight Rate Negotiation

    Our dedicated carrier relations team negotiates rates on your behalf with several our select carrier partners or, if you desire, we will co-manage your already established rates with your desired carriers. Our goal is to get you the best rates, maintain those rates year after year, and serve them up for each shipment in our powerful web-based transportation management system. We offer great national pricing due to our deep resources or we will negotiate freight rates down to specific lanes through a Request for Pricing. And unlike a lot of 3PLs, Cerasis empowers you to make the best choice at time of shipment with the ability to pick carriers who meet your cost, insurance, and delivery time needs.

  • Scale as You Grow

    Scale as You Grow

    With a customer retention of over 90% in over two decades of business, we've had the pleasure of helping shippers scale their logistics departments and their business while maintaining overall freight expenditures and resources. We specialize in shippers who have multiple locations as we give control and compliance to these new locations without any additional costs. We simply give your new location a username and login and they are ready to start shipping immediately with the confidence of effective freight management.

  • Technology


    At Cerasis our focus is on transportation management efficiency. There is no better way to increase a business's efficiency than deploying solutions-based technology. Our innovation started all the way back when we started the company in 1997 when we chose to make our transportation management system, the Cerasis Rater, web-based and made the decision to keep our technology team in-house. We've continued that tradition of innovation by investing in the development of our technology solutions to continue to drive value and efficiency for our shippers.

  • Freight Auditing

    Freight Auditing

    With Cerasis, we not only give you the tools through our transportation management technology, but we also give you managed transportation services included at no charge. There is no need to hire an outside freight auditing company to audit your freight invoices when you are a Cerasis shipper. Every freight invoice produced at Cerasis is audited automatically with our TMS and then manually by your dedicated Transportation Management Customer Service Rep. We work with Carriers and correct variances found while proactively educating all parties to decrease errors in the future.

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    How much does it cost for you to LOSE a customer through improper transportation management? Cerasis provides many tools to keep your customers happy even beyond the ease of use of our system to efficiently ship and manage freight. Our tools keep you and your customer in the know through such features as freight tracking, auto pick-up through EDI with carriers, giving you a choice to choose the proper limit of liability to protect your freight, and freight accounting so invoices are accessible, audited, and paid on time.

  • Freight Accounting

    Freight Accounting

    Is your accounting team tired of dealing with hundreds or thousands of different freight invoices per week from multiple carriers? Give your accounting team some help when it comes to freight invoice management when you are a Cerasis shipper. Cerasis consolidates all of your weekly freight invoices into one freight invoice and provides 24/7 online access in the Cerasis Rater invoices online center to every invoice. Furthermore, because you know the freight cost immediately, and know it will be accurate, you can bill your customer immediately and have better cash flow.

  • Freight Claims Management

    Freight Claims Management

    Cerasis manages the entire freight claims process for our customers, from beginning to end, leveraging thousands of man hours of knowledge and troubleshooting, and always advocating on behalf of our customers in order to reach resolution quickly and efficiently. Unlike some third party logistics companies, Cerasis processes the claim, continually follows up, mails checks to our customers, remains compliant, and offers continuing education to both clients and carriers in order to mitigate future damages and freight claims.

  • Freight Data Analysis

    Freight Data Analysis

    Our transportation management system, The Cerasis Rater, gives you the ability to analyze your freight data so that you may identify factors affecting your shipping costs, empowering you to optimize soft cost savings on your freight spend. Additionally, you have the ability to run administrative reports such as invoicing and freight accounting data, keep up with freight claim status, and pull records on all shipping activity regardless of whether they're LTL, TL, or small package, so you are ready to understand what carriers are best for you and your freight. Because our technology is in-house, and we are not at the mercy of a software provider, unlike many third party logistics companies, a custom report is one call or email away.

  • Visibility


    Are you leaving money on the table by not knowing the history of your carrier choice at time of  processing a shipment? Spending too much time on freight accounting, freight claims processing, routing freight shipments, and more? How do you get this needed visibility into your supply chain and logistics department today? The Cerasis Rater and your dedicated transportation management services team provide tools so powerful that they can build businesses. If you are looking to hire one or several third party logistics companies to effectively manage transportation, contact Cerasis today about our services.

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