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5 Skills Necessary For Maximizing Logistics Effectiveness

logistics effectiveness
Editor's Note: Today's blog is from our friend Robert Everett. Robert Everett has over fifteen years of experience in data analytics, statistics, cybernetics and, among the others, supply chain domain. He is also a researcher and a freelance writer at EduBirdie, providing his expertise in logistics and business analysis knowledge areas.

The latest news from the world of high technologies: Microsoft is going to store data as DNA. The data science is gaining popularity together with the tremendous growth of information, generated in the world. Investors are spending more money on the neural networks. Humanity is few more steps closer to the creation of an artificial intellect. However, at least for two more generations people, not the machines, will play a key role in ruling in general and management in particular. In this article, I propose to have a look at several logistic skills that, besides the specific knowledge in this area, will help to maximize the logistics effectiveness.

  1. Integrity

Integrity, in general, means fairness. It is when an employee can honestly share his real views and thoughts regarding the problem or operational issue with all the performers involved in the logistics process. It looks very uncomplicated. But in today’s variable business sector the decision makers are oriented on profit or on keeping the leading position in the enterprise at any cost. Spheres like logistics involve numerous stakeholders and many-sided activities. The lost focus on integrity might be unnoticeable at first. Sugar-coated reports, part-truth about certain capabilities or consolidation of vendors to bypass regulations may integrate with the company’s culture. The consequences are usually far-reaching. When employees are trained to communicate with clients and team members without reserves, to avoid conflicts between professional activity and personal attitude, demonstrate professionalism in oppressive situations, this is integrity that leads to supply chain efficiency.

  1. Quality-focused

Quality is key to logistics effectiveness. Be ready to rationalize the process of Six Sigma within your organization. With this approach, the supply chain focuses on outputs that are crucial for the end customer and identifies failures and their roots in the business processes. With an application of statistical methods, the causes of errors are reduced or are eliminated. The tools and techniques of Six Sigma put team’s heads together and stimulate innovation.

Focus on quality is not a bureaucracy. It for sure requires some degree of self-organization and discipline, but it also creates a perfect ground for resourcefulness and innovation.  With the correct application of Six Sigma, an enterprise shall not forfeit modernization to maintain high quality. 

  1. Process improvement

Stability shall not result in stagnation. The constant augmentation of company’s processes is one of the vital skills of business logistics management.

The time of a logistics cycle can always be shortened. To be able to develop and grow, the manager should be able to visualize the operational system and working business processes. This will help to recognize the weak points, main reasons for quality gaps, quantify the uncountable issues. Also to find the room for improvement. There are numerous tools in place to assist in diagnosing the logistics problems and solutions found. In order to make the improvement process a constant activity and in order to fix the achievements from development, your team must adopt the representative metrics, key performance indicators, and benchmarking items.

  1. IT and technology literacy

Of course, it is not an absolute must among the logistics skills to have a basic knowledge about IT or technology-specific area to be good at supply chain domain. However, I lie in case I would deny that every management-oriented occupation today does require the minimum comprehension of IT. Today the technology is able to intensify the operational logistics effectiveness.

To be able to work with information, to find the patterns of functioning and in order to implement settlements based on the obtained information, the data should be stored in a standardized way. A Management information system is usually in place in every organizations or firm. This does not signify that you should be a wise-head in technology, it is more about using your analytical capabilities to secure the operations are running flatly.

  1. Constant learning capability

The reality is being changed very fast, so people are sharing their knowledge and experience as well as are providing their gains as the open source. An individual who rules this information is the most advantageous one.

The constant learning also implies the gathering of feedback from customers, co-workers, and supervisors. A self-assessment is fine, but can often lead to the exhilarated depiction of a logistics expert. Several techniques in this relation were already developed for you, for example, a 380-degree survey.

The unpleasant or unexpected things may happen, no one has an antidote. However, a smart person would transform the challenging issues into a good fortune to obtain the new knowledge and to enrich one’s experience.

Unceasing learning is more about a rationalism of logistics management. A person that spends efforts on constant learning and on having a clue on the recent news in the working-related area makes his or her decisions more effective and productive. 

Business Integration For Maximizing Logistics Effectiveness

Generally speaking, the skills needed to be a successful logistic expert are being meshed up with any other skills of a productive worker. The business as a whole tends to become more social oriented. Not only the service and goods providers want to know their customers but also the users set their sights on who their vendors are. To be efficient means to undergo that changes occur already today and to be open to them.

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Adam Robinson
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Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson
  • Richard Frick

    Your statements re Climate Change have removed you from a Logistics company to a Political diatribe. Pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement benefits the Citizens of the USA and in NO WAY does it indicate that regulations on emissions or other pollutants will run rampant because of an Obama Agreement. Stick to Logistics.

    • Richard, it is a policy decision that impacts manufacturing and the supply chain. Should supply chain leaders ignore policy and how it impacts their business? You would say no. We make NO comment on if it should have been done or if it should not have been done. We simply state the facts and talk about how it COULD impact manufacturing and supply chain industries. We appreciate your comment, but as a thought leader in logistics, we cannot shy away from the reality of the world and how it might impact us all. Should we not comment on such things, period, putting our heads in the sand and therefore only be reactive to policy changes and how it could impact the industry? Interested in your thoughts. This is not intended to make a political statement, but address a reality the industry will face.

  • Richard Frick

    Mr. Kevin Jessop is certainly entitled to his opinion on the effect of the Paris AGREEMENT on Global Warming. That Cerasis chooses to emulate Mr. Jessop’s findings immediately associates Cerasis with the Radical Opinions of a faction of the USA Society that demonstrates an animosity to the President of the USA and its’ Citizens. Statements, such as, “May effect”, “would likely have passed new legislation”, “May have more difficult time”, are innuendos that something might happen so I am going to intimidate you to protest so that you can fill my prophesy. Pure conjecture!

    1. As the agreement provides no consequences if countries do not meet their commitments, consensus of this kind is fragile. The Agreement has NO SUBSTANCE.

    Mr. Jessop or Cerasis injects the opening comment: (“The Paris Climate Agreement. Let that soak in a moment”). This is followed by a, ‘Ha Ha, I got you’, statement of the effect of the USA pulling out of a NON-BINDING Agreement and the destruction of our future.

    Perhaps Cerasis has no memory of the innovations that USA changes in the emission standards have driven the World culture? Is the USA responsible to atone for the sins of the World? Is it that Cerasis does not support the USA and is in the state of denial because the Liberal ‘Chicken Little Al Gore” extremists has joined the “Obstructionists” in demeaning the USA? Has exiting the Paris Agreement made any changes in the drive for lowering emission standards or technological advances to provide for a cleaner environment? Does Cerasis truly believe that the Citizens of the USA are totally irresponsible and incapable of doing anything right without a cloud hanging over their heads? Should the USA fund the entire World in lowering emissions so that Foreign Countries can undercut our economy, thus destroying us in the process?

    It is not the duty of the USA to become (The World Savior Federation) and donate our funds to assist the rest of the World in being exempt from monetary expenditures to clean up their pollution. Do you deny the USA enactment of Tariffs and Duties on products that undermine the ability of our Country to provide the same Goods and Services? Does Cerasis subscribe to accepting Foreign Countries exclusionary Tariffs and Duties while the Foreign Countries do not accept ours? Is Cerasis opposed to playing on a level field or should it be slanted to improve the economy of the World at the USA expense.

    I have read your Blogs and felt that Cerasis was a, Proud Service Provider, which provides benefits to the USA Economy. Consolidation of products to eliminate moving empty space while expediting the velocity of the goods produces a definite benefit to the total economy of the USA and ‘Value Added’ services enhance the beneficial contribution to our environment.

    Non-Binding Agreements are as useful as a handshake with a party that has no hands. Respect for the Individuals and Our Society are the stepping-stones of Progress. Logistics is not the Scientific Process of Predicting changes to the atmosphere. Logistics is the process of moving goods and products that benefit Society. Archeologists have predicted the birth of the World using their arguments to substantiate their findings. Having received no reliable objections, the findings have become FACT. Hypotheses that the World changed 18 million years ago are pure conjecture and the hypothesis of the Global Warming is a proposed explanation for a suspected phenomenon.

    To accept as fact, that which is hypothesized may provide one with some comfort, however, it is in the eyes of the beholder to determine the veracity of the subject.

    Condemnation of the President of the USA is not the Road to the Truth. Being a Company that Society wants to exist is the road to success. Criticism and protests will only harm ones mission of success. Linkedin posts should be restricted to Fact and not Fantasy or Social Political Protest.

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