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10 Reasons To Pursue A Career In Logistics & Supply Chain Now

career in logistics and supply chain

Editor's Note: Today's blog is from our friends at Morai Logistics. In this blog, Morai shares the top 10 reasons to pursue a career in logistics and supply chain.

To most job seekers, a career in logistics or supply chain is just misunderstood — or invisible. This is why we’ve compiled ten reasons why a career in logistics and supply chains can be the dynamic and rewarding career so many look for!

Have you ever wondered how a package or an item gets to where it needs to go? You should—the system that ensures that it happens is called a supply chain. The industry that ensures that it runs smoothly is called logistics. And the reason why this industry is so exciting is that without it, no other industry would be able to operate!

Despite the critical role logistics plays behind consumer goods, military supplies, and personnel, it’s an industry with a recruiting problem.

career in logistics and supply chain

Kelli Saunders
Kelli loves logistics and is dedicated to bringing awareness to the industry and the proud owner of Morai Logistics Inc. She is an enthusiastic, high-achieving entrepreneur with 28 years of outstanding performance. Kelli believes in the power of “pay it forward” as it relates to staff, colleagues and community.
Kelli Saunders
Kelli Saunders
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