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[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 10 Logistics and Supply Chain Facts of 2014

supply chain facts
Editor's Note: This is an infographic from our friends from the great white north, Canada, and fellow Greek named logistics service provider, Morai Logistics. They, like Cerasis, are focused on generating content which offers value to their customers, industry peers, and even shippers who are not customers yet. They inspire us, and this infographic on the Supply Chain trends of 2014 is top notch! This is reposted with permission from their blog We hope everyone has had a great holiday, and we would like to wish all of our readers a Happy New Year! To kick off the year, we have finished compiling our infographic on the top logistics and supply chain facts from the news that we collected throughout last year. As there is a large number of news items spanning the many large topics in the logistics industry, we decided to create our Top 10 by focusing on categories:
  1. Drones
  2. Same-Day Delivery
  3. Supplier Diversity and Women
  4. Sustainability
  5. RFID
  6. World Bank Institute’s Private Sector Platform
  7. Automation
  8. Online Retail
  9. Truck Driver Shortage
  10. Logistics Slow Growth
Each of these topics has some pretty interesting supply chain facts and statistics that may have been missed in the hustle and bustle of fellow logistics professionals and enthusiasts. And while we haven’t covered all of the interesting facts from 2014; we felt that these topics helped changes the face of the logistics and supply chain industry in 2014 and serves a good snippet to review the year. BONUS: Top Supply Chain Blog Posts of 2014 from the Cerasis Blog.

Top 10 Logistics and Supply Chain Facts of 2014

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Kelli Saunders
Kelli loves logistics and is dedicated to bringing awareness to the industry and the proud owner of Morai Logistics Inc. She is an enthusiastic, high-achieving entrepreneur with 28 years of outstanding performance. Kelli believes in the power of “pay it forward” as it relates to staff, colleagues and community.
Kelli Saunders
Kelli Saunders
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