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Ginny Devlaminck, Freight Desk Manager

Ginny Devlaminck manages and oversees the Freight Specialists staff who process both the inbound and outbound freight routing, volume/spot freight quoting, and “troubled” freight that is in transit. Additionally, Ginny ensures proactive customer service, guiding her team of freight specialists to serve as educational consultants to Cerasis customers in regard to freight classification, hazardous materials freight shipping rules, and general freight shipping and carrier information. Before coming to Cerasis Mrs. Devlaminck was a purchasing manager and gained experience in materials management, warehouse management, and international sales.  Due to this vast experience in the transportation, distribution, and manufacturing industries, Ginny understands firsthand how important the transportation of goods in a timely, cost-effect manner is to our customers, our customers’ customers, and, ultimately, the bottom line for all players. Mrs. Devlaminck attended Coe College where she was a Theater and English major, giving her the communication and improv skills that have served her well in the “dramatic” transportation world. Ginny lives in Eagan, MN, and is married to Gish, a senior systems engineer. They have two adult children: Katherine, an attorney, and Peter, a civil engineer.  Mrs. Devlaminck has a Jack Russell terrier, Dot, who keeps her walking every day and is the two-year-old that will never grow up.  Ginny loves to cook, bake, try new foods with family and friends, and practice yoga for peace of mind.
Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson oversees the overall marketing strategy for Cerasis including website development, social media and content marketing, trade show marketing, email campaigns, and webinar marketing. Mr. Robinson works with the business development department to create messaging that attracts the right decision makers, gaining inbound leads and increasing brand awareness all while shortening sales cycles, the time it takes to gain sales appointments and set proper sales and execution expectations.
Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson
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