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Cerasis manages freight and logistics for shippers yielding hard & soft cost savings through powerful transportation and freight technology combined with integrated freight management services.

  • Freight Rate Negotiation

Cerasis negotiates rates to your specific lanes, allowing you to have peace of mind you're not leaving money on the table. At time of shipment, you have the ability to pick carriers who meet your cost, insurance, and delivery time needs.

  • Scale as You Grow

No additional resources needed to manage your transportation, freight, and logistics departments, even as your business grows and ships more freight. In fact, we specialize in shippers who have multiple locations.

  • Information Technology

No additional IT costs as Cerasis continually improves the use and experience of the Cerasis Rater™. Cerasis believes that an investment in our system is an investment in your business and changes to our system occur in real time.

  • Freight Auditing

No need to hire an outside freight auditing company for your freight and logistics invoices. Your dedicated Customer Service Rep provides proactive invoice reconciliation for every freight shipment you process. Our variance report instantly shows differences in your invoices.

  • Customer Service

How much does it cost for you to LOSE a customer through improper freight and logistics management? Increase customer service with freight tracking, auto pick-up, proper insurance, and freight accounting. We'll work with your vendors to manage inbound routing so your inventories remain stable.

  • Freight Accounting

Cerasis consolidates all of your weekly freight shipments into one freight invoice and provides 24/7 online access in the Cerasis Rate freight and logistics invoice center. Because you know the freight cost immediately, you can bill your clients right away, improving operational cash flow.

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  • Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Our customers choose Cerasis because of our ability to automate business processes, provide freight accounting for multiple locations, and freight data reporting capabilities around all freight shipment activity. See all customer testimonials >>
Plastiflex preview image Home

We decreased customer service calls by 50% because our customers were automatically notified of their freight shipments.

-Stephen Dunn
Global Purchasing Manager
Plastiflex Group

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Before working with Cerasis, we worked with several different carriers using multiple websites and various shipment reports.

-Emily Hood
Service Administrator
Interstate PowerCare Division

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We deployed Cerasis’ integration services, and connecting Cerasis to our systems resulted in managing overall costs.

-Travis Trott
VP of Supply Chain & Logistics
Finish Masters

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